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In the chapter Control Dr. Ian Malcolm, Tim Murphy, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Alan Grant visit the Raptor Pen when the tour of Jurassic Park is put to a breif hault.


As the endorsement team travels to the Control Room, Dr. Ian Malcolm asks Dr. Henry Wu how many dinosaur genera have been created and if Procompsognathus is one of them. Dr. Wu replies that he has lost count of how many species have been created and that Procompsognathus is one of the species that was created. He elaborates by saying that a large number of Procompsognathus were created to dispose of any carcasses and the feces of sauropods. Ian becomes concerned that it could have been one of InGen's cloned Procompsognathus that bit Cathy Bowman on the beach in Costa Rica, but Dr. Wu doubts it's one of his dinosaurs mainly because he made them unable to produce Lysine with the only way of receiving this amino acid coming from outside sources and that they would die within 12 hours before reaching the mainland.

While showing the endorsement team the Control Room, Ed Regis discovers one of the supply ships docking and puts the tour on hold for a few minutes to help them arrive safely. During the brief wait, the team continues to ask Dr. Henry Wu questions about the dinosaurs. Dr. Alan Grant asks if they will see Velociraptor on the tour. He is told no because they are still trying to integrate themselves to Jurassic Park's setting though he still could see their holding pen during the wait.

With Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Tim Murphy tagging along with him, Dr. Grant goes to see the Raptor Pen. In their visit three Velociraptors tried to attack the four, but are shocked by the electric fence surrounding their pen from the outside world. The humans are startled by this failed attack and five of the raptors continue to watch them. One of the guards quickly arrives to make sure everything is okay,

On the walk back the four members of the endorsement team discuss the attack. They were amazed on how fast the Velociraptors were compared to any contemporary reptile, their strikes being like that of birds. Dr. Malcolm is puzzled by why the raptors attacked them, as dinosaurs lived long before humans and wonders if the raptors have learned that humans are easier to kill.


  • During the small conversation with Dr. Alan Grant and Tim Murphy as they went to the Raptor Pen, Dr. Grant mentions that Deinonychus has been reclassified as a species of a Velociraptor. However, Deinonychus and Velociraptor are currently separate genera.