In the chapter Control II the endorsement team returns to the Control Room where John Arnold explain to them the security system of Jurassic Park and the data collected from the dinosaurs.


Inside the Control Room, John Arnold shows the endorsement team the control mechanisms of Jurassic Park. Donald Gennaro and Dr. Ian Malcolm ask John Arnold several questions regarding the park's security to which he answers. During the questioning period, Dr. Alan Grant becomes unsettled by how the dinosaurs are treated as software and how Jurassic Park is more of an amusement park rather than a biological preserve.

After departing, Donald and Malcolm have a discussion about the probability of the dinosaurs. Dr. Malcolm still asserts that dinosaurs have escaped because of the population graph of the animals shown to him in the Control Room is a normal population, but based on what Dr. Henry Wu told him and the endorsement team that a normal population wouldn't be possible. However, Donald Gennaro now believes that the possibility of a dinosaur escaping is unlikely due to the extensive security measures.

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