In the chapter Control III the endorsement team's Park Drive continues and they see dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Dilophosaurus. Also in this chapter John Arnold's backstory is revealed.


Inside the Control Room, John Arnold, John Hammond, and Robert Muldoon watch the first tour of Jurassic Park as it progresses. After noticing the electric gear shifts of some of the Tour Vehicles grinding, John Arnold expresses his concerns for several of Jurassic Park's problems that are safety hazards, such as how the uncontrollable the prehistoric animals are. John Hammond, however, believes Arnold is worrying too much and that if the engineering is improved they will be able to control the dinosaurs.

Hammond then asks Dennis Nedry about the progress on the debugging of the park's main computer. John Hammond nearly insults Nedry about not correcting the errors in the system sooner just before Arnold interrupts him mid-sentence.

Meanwhile, the endorsement team passes by the Isla Nublar Aviary and the Jungle River Cruise, In Tim Murphy's car the passengers see a Dilophosaurus in the Jungle River Cruise. The next dinosaur the team see is Triceratops when they come upon the Ornithischian Paddock. Though Tim is amazed by what he has seen, his sister, Lex Murphy, is dissatisfied because how still they are. Afterward, the tour vehicles proceed to go forward once more, with the next stop of the tour being the famed Tyrannosaurus rex.


  • The Triceratops the visitors see are identified as Triceratops serratus, which has now been proven to be the same as the species T. horridus.
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