In the chapter Control IV, the InGen personnel inside the Control Room express comment on the endorsement team's reactions to Jurassic Park, Robert Muldoon retrieves his missile launchers, Isla Nublar sees the onset of a thunderstorm, and Tim Murphy believes he has seen a dangerous dinosaur loose in Jurassic Park. This chapter also shows Dr. Henry Wu's current thoughts on Jurassic Park's safety.


The InGen personnel inside the Control Room overhear the chatter of Donald Gennaro expressing his concern of Jurassic Park's Tyrannosaurus rex escaping. Dr. Henry Wu doesn't understand why anyone in the endorsement team would still worry about the dinosaurs escaping after he gave them a tour of the Isla Nublar Laboratory. John Hammond express his dislike of Dr. Ian Malcolm for why there are still concerns, believing him to be a threat to the opening of his park. Despite Hammond's fears about Dr. Malcolm, John Arnold assures his co-workers to wait and see what happens.

Elsewhere in the Visitor Center Robert Muldoon retrieves and loads the rocket launchers he kept in the basement of the Garage. After putting his weapons in the back of one of the garage's jeeps, a thunderstorm begins. While departing the Sauropod Paddock to travel to the Stegosaurus Paddock, Tim Murphy spots a Velociraptor running across the felid of the Sauropod Paddock. But the endorsement team is unable to investigate the area where the raptor was seen because the Tour Vehicles can only go forward. Ed Regis simply dismisses what Tim saw for an escaped Othnielia.

Back at the Control Room the InGen personnel hear about what Tim saw, but like Ed Regis simply dismiss it for an Othnielia. Afterward,John Arnold receives a transmission from a crewmember of the Anne B, the cargo ship from the previous chapter "The Tour", saying that they leaving because of the impending storm. John Hammond insists they stay because the much-needed supplies, but John Arnold convinces him not to due to the possibility of severe damage to the cargo ship if they stayed during the storm.

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