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For the Control of Jurassic World, see Control Room (Jurassic World).

The Control Room was a room inside the Visitor Center. The room was next to the Laboratory, where the eggs were hatched and the embryos were kept. There are two doors: one that goes to a hallway to the Laboratory, where many of the Jurassic Park scientists work, and another to the Emergency Bunker, which is used by John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Robert Muldoon, and Alan Grant.


The interior of the room is large, consisting of several tables. Each table had roughly 3 computers on them, mostly Silicon Graphics or Macs.

Control room.png

The control room also housed a number of SGI Unix machines as well as the eight fridge-sized Thinking Machine CM-5 computers, that were used to crunch the numbers for the geneticists. All machines formed a network that was set up by Integrated Computer Systems, Inc and allowed the Macs to interact with the Unix machines. The computers provided enough automation to run the entire park with minimal staff for up to three days.

A central projection screen displayed important information for the staff, for example, when the visitors left the tour vehicles during the Safari Tour, it instantly showed a schematic view of the vehicle.


Security Cameras

The Control Room controls all cameras around the park. The numbers are different in the novel than the movie, but some are similar. Camera numbers include:

  • Safari Lodge Lv2-4 (one of four cameras that focus on the Safari Lodge's second floor).
  • Remote: Shipboard (the group of cameras that focus on the Anne B's interior).
  • Unknown Paddock - Field 2, Zone N7, Sector 23, Camera 8A
  • Tyrannosaur Paddock Interior - Field 3, Zone G5, Sector 06, Camera 8E
  • Tyrannosaur Paddock Interior - Field 9, Zone H2, Sector 06, Camera 8E
  • Tyrannosaur Paddock Exterior - Road 1, Zone F2, Sector 06, Camera 8D
  • Triceratops Paddock Exterior - Road 2, Zone O3, Sector 06, Camera 8C
  • Visitor Center - Sector 01, Camera 1B
  • Main Bunker - Sector 01, Camera 1D


  • It is one of the last places to get damaged when the power goes out.