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For the Control originally planned for Jurassic Park, see Control Room.

The Jurassic World control room is a medium sized building where staff members watch over the park from monitors. This is the workplace of Lowery and Vivian.


During the 2015 Isla Nublar incident, the control room was used to track the Indominus rex using the tracking implant in her back. However, the I. rex clawed the tracker out of her back. Lowery, Vivian, Owen, Claire, and Simon watch as the ACU team is killed one by one. Later, Vivian and the other control staff evacuate to the boat. Lowery decides to stay behind. Claire calls Lowery and tells him to open Paddock 9, the T. rex Kingdom. After the battle on Main Street, Lowery turns off the park's power and leaves the island. Jurassic World's Tyrannosaurus rex then roars at her dying kingdom on the control room's helipad.

Physical Appearance

The control room has a helipad, desks with built in monitors, and power controls.