In the chapter Control V Dr. Ian Malcolm tests a theory about the dinosaurs, to which it turns out to be true from scans frun by the Control Room's computer, causing arguments among the high ranking InGen personnel inside the room.


In the Control Room, John Hammond is angered upon hearing of the discovery of a Velociraptor eggshell fragment found in the Stegosaurus Paddock, telling the endorsement team over the radio that it belongs to a bird rather than a dinosaur. Dr. Ian Malcolm tells John Arnold to transmit the tables containing the current populations of Jurassic Park to Dr. Gerry Harding. After the document is received, Dr. Malcolm then tells John Arnold to make the computer search for 239 animals rather than the current estimated population that is 238.

To everyone's surprise, the computer does find 239 animals living in Jurassic Park, an extra Procompsognathus. Satisfied with the results, Ian requests another search, this time with 300 animals instead of 239 to which it finds 244. Confused by the startling results of the computer scan John Hammond asks Dennis Nedry if the results are an error or a glitch, but discovers that this is indeed the actual total and that the computer was using an expected number of animals to make it operate faster, not the actual total. Afterward, the number of dinosaurs found increases 4 times, stopping at 292. According to the recent table, there as been an increase in Velociraptor, Othnielia, Procompsognathus, Maiasaura, and Hypsilophodon,

Furthermore, Dr. Ian Malcom sends Dr. Henry Wu who denies the recent results the population graph of Procompsognathus from "Control II" to show him that the Procompsognathids are indeed breeding. Despite the multiple charts Dr. Wu insists the calculations are a mistake because of the big increase in small dinosaurs and the small increase of large dinosaurs. However, Dr. Alan Grant thinks otherwise and says that he knows of seven different locations on Isla Nublar where the dinosaurs are breeding.

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