In the chapter Control VII Donald Gennaro has just told John Hammond that his grandchildren might be in Jurassic Park, Dr. Henry Wu and John Arnold discover how Dennis Nedry has disabled Jurassic Park's security systems, and Dr. Ellie Sattler is approached by Robert Muldoon who tells her about the known information about the whereabouts of the endorsement team members that were stuck near the Carnivore Country 2.


The chapter begins just after Donald Gennaro has just told John Hammond that his grandchildren are in Jurassic Park as he was told to do by Robert Muldoon in the previous chapter. Despite the distressing news, Hammond is rather calm about the situation and is very confident that they will find them alive, as he says "that the park is made for kids".

While conversing on how to get Jurassic Park's back with John Arnold, Dr. Henry Wu suggests that the engineer traces the steps of Dennis Nedry who disabled the park's power due to keychecks, a program that observes keystrokes. Using Dr. Wu's suggestion Arnold pulls up the keychecks program where he finds a log of what Nedry had typed earlier that day. They discover how Dennis disabled Jurassic Park's security, but strangely they find that he entered the name of an object call named "whte rbt.obj" in the command log. When they search for the file they discover that it is not a object call, but rather a Trapdoor that is disguised as an object call that links both the security and perimeter systems together then proceeds to disable them.

Now that he knows how the security systems were disabled John Arnold thinks he can reactivate the systems that were turned off. Dr. Henry Wu then proceeds to leave to Control Room to go to the Cold Storage Room to count the dinosaur embryos in the room, having remembered how it had seemed like someone had been there. Meanwhile at the Safari Lodge, Robert Muldoon tells Dr. Ellie Sattler what the information that he and Donald gathered. He also asks that Dr. Sattler help Dr. Gerry Harding fix Dr. Ian Malcolm's wounds, since there are no medical doctors on Isla Nublar nor is there any way of contacting one because of the power outage.

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