In the chapter Control VIII, John Arnold restores Jurassic Park's power and Donald Gennaro visits the injured Dr. Ian Malcolm.


Donald Gennaro and Robert Muldoon enter the Control Room just as John Arnold discovers a command to restore the system thus turning the power back on. He enters the command and the power returns successfully, but the motion sensors need a few minutes to become active again. Inside Sauropod Maintenance Building 04, Dr. Alan Grant notices the returned power minutes after falling asleep before returning to sleep, now confident that he and the Murphy children can finally be rescued by having one of the motion sensors detect him. Though the power has returned, some of the electric fencing, including the one in Sauropod Maintenance Building 04 is disabled and five of the dinosaurs need to be returned to their proper paddocks, so Robert Muldoon leaves the Control Room to fix these problems with the maintenance crews.

Donald Gennaro enters the room in the Safari Lodge where Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Gerry Harding are tending to Dr. Ian Malcolm, who is high on the morphine used to keep his pain down. While Gennaro visits Dr. Malcolm recalls how the Tyrannosaurus rex attacked him and his thoughts on the attack as well as the dinosaur. He also mentions a phenomenon named after himself known as the "Malcolm Effect", to which Gennaro asks what it is, but does not receive an explanation as Malcolm falls asleep. As Donald departs, Dr. Sattler asks when a helicopter will be arriving because Dr. Ian Malcolm's leg is in need of surgery.

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