A Convenience Store was located on Site B inside the Worker Village.


1995 Isla Sorna Incident

Ian Malcolm, Richard Levine, Jack Thorne, Sarah Harding, Arby Benton, and Kelly Curtis all found a Convenience Store, as part of Isla Sorna's Worker Village. They then went inside it. The store contained general hygiene items, such as deorderants, toothpastes, brushes, combs, paper plates (with a Halloween Style), swimming suits, shirts, souvineurs, etc. After an encounter with a pair of camouflaging Carnotaurus, Kelly tried to reboot the computer systems. However, it did not work. Then, Levine warned everybody else that, now that it was daytime, and the Carnotaurus had left, more dangerous predators, such as Raptors, would now invade it, instead. However, everybody refused to listen to him. However, Levine's prediction then turned out to be right, as an enormous pack of Velociraptors then did, indeed, attack the Store. One of them stuck it's head through the ceiling, and nearly killed Levine. Meanwhile, Kelly then tried her hardest to reboot Site B's computer systems, panicking.

However, just then, Kelly then discovered that there was a small crawlspace, which then led into a large tunnel, which, in turn, led to outside. After the humans crawled through the tunnel, they then found the boat house, and went home, on a ship cruise. Meanwhile, just directly following that incident, the Raptors then finally managed to break into the Convenience Store. However, it was already too late; All of the humans were now gone.


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