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Cooper was a member of InGen's Security Division, part of Jurassic World's Asset Containment Unit team on Isla Nublar. He was part of a unit sent into the island's jungle in 2015 to recapture the escaped hybrid dinosaur Indominus rex.

Cooper was part of a squad led by Austin. He was killed by the Indominus when the unit was ambushed by the escaped hybrid.


The attack[]

When the Indominus ambushed the unit, Cooper was among those who attempted to take down the hybrid with the use of cattle prods and taser rifles. Confused and disoriented, the creature turned around to face one of its attackers; unfortunately, when the dinosaur turned around Cooper was in the path of its tail. He was struck in the chest by its tail; the impact hurling him against a tree, killing him almost instantly.


Cooper's weapon of choice during the hunt was a cattle prod.