Corythosaurus JWE

Corythosaurus is an unlockable dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution.


Corythosaurus fossils are unlocked once the player has building an expedition center and a fossil center on Isla Muerta.

Base Stats (at 100% Genome)

Attack 23
Defense 0
Lifespan 101
Resilience 49
Rating 27
Incubation Cost $145,000

Dig Sites

  • Dinosaur Park Formation
  • Horseshoe Canyon Formation
  • Lance Formation
  • Scollard Formation
  • Basic Pattern
  • Woodland Pattern
  • Taiga Pattern
  • Rainforest Pattern
  • Jungle Pattern
  • Vivid Pattern


  • Woodland Pattern
  • Taiga Pattern
  • Rainforest Pattern
  • Jungle Pattern
  • Vivid Pattern

Tour Information

Release From Hatchery

With this animal, the Corythosaurus, you can really see chaos in action. Think of all the combinations and patterns life tries out looking for that perfect structure. It's not about success... life is about refining failure... over and over and over again. Always a work in progress. Ourselves included.

- Dr. Ian Malcolm

Jurassic Tour

"Corythosaurus' head crests contain nasal passages similar in structure to that of the cassowary. They are used for amplifying vocalizations, as the park rangers can confirm!"
"Corythosaurus is a hadrosaur that once lived in North America. They are herbivorous and enjoyed the social interaction of livig in herds."


Corythosaurus has 8 Gap ID slots to modify.

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Resilience
  3. Lifespan
  4. Habitat
  5. Lifespan
  6. Stress
  7. Social
  8. Lifespan

Bio (With Base Stats)


Corythosurus is a hadrosaur which eats moderate amounts from ground herbivore feeders.
They live in large social groups to survive predation and like to have dinosaurs from other specias nearby.
They like good sized grassland areas with a slightly smaller coverage of forest.
They are vulnerable to all predators.


Medium Herbivore

Health Requirement

Appetite 88
Metabolism 3.48

Comfort Requirement

Comfort Threshold 20%
Grassland 6,600 m2
Forest 4,000 m2
Wetland 0 m2
Ideal Population 2 - 24
Social Group 2 - 13


Susceptible Common Cold
Immune N/A


Health Recovery 0.15% / s
Comfort Recovery 0.70% / s
Sedative Resistance 94
Medical Dart Resistance 94
Poison Resistance 122

Food Preferences

Primary Preference Rotten Wood
Secondary Preference Conifers
Harmed By: Grasses

InGen Database


Era Late Cretaceous
Family Hadrosauridae
Genus Corythosaurus
Height 2.5 m
Weight 4 T
Length 9.0 m
Feeder Type Ground Herbivore


Corythosaurus are hadrosaurs (duck-billed dinosaurs) once living in North America. They are herbivores that lieved in herds. They were one of the larger types of hadrosaurs.
Their heads had crests with nasal passages that are similar in structure to that of the cassowary. This was most likely used for vocalization. Their name means "corinthian-crested lizard" in reference to this crest. The crests also show dimorphism between the genders, with males believed to have the larger crests for competing for mates.


The first specimen was discovered at Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada in 1911. Further fossils were found over the following few years, eventually identifying two species for the genus.


Corythosaurus ranged widely in the various formations it's been recovered from. It has been noted that individual groups had small ranges compared to their modern mammal equivalents.


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