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Dan[1] was a mercenary employed by Eli Mills to serve as a security guard in Lockwood Manor.

Dan was killed by the Indoraptor following its breakout at the manor.



At some point following the Indoraptor's escape, Dan was ambushed and mauled to death by the hybrid in the manor's museum. Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Maisie Lockwood discovered his lifeless form shortly afterward - his rifle laying next to him — only for the Indoraptor to pull his corpse behind the display stand of the fossilized Agujaceratops skull where he was completely devoured.


Dan was armed with a SIG SG 552 rifle, which he presumably used to try and defend himself against the Indoraptor[2] to no avail. The rifle was later recovered by Owen Grady, with only three rounds left.


  1. Another mercenary contacts him on his walkie talkie, identifying him by name.
  2. The rifle was found with only three rounds remaining, suggesting Dan had fired it at the creature.