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Daniel "D-Caf" Cafaro, also known as D-Caf, was the mercenary pilot to the InGen Mercenaries. He was with Billy Yoder and Oscar Morales. D-Caf was best friends with the two of them and often engaged in humorous banter with them. After they landed near the Bone Shaker, Danny stayed behind to repair the copter, which was damaged by a Pteranodon.

When Billy and the survivors came back, they found no sign of Danny. They looked around and found his gun jammed, a pool of blood, and his helmet. The T. rex then appears and attacks the group, leaving Billy with the conclusion that D-Caf was killed by the Tyrannosaurus.

However, it turns out he was captured by the Troodon pack, and the T. rex was just there by coincidence. They later find him alive, brain dead, and Troodon eggs inside his body at the Geothermal Power Plant in a Troodon nest. Yoder took a grenade from his pocket and took his dog tags as not to look suspicious, explaining that the dog tags would prove that he is dead. Unbeknownst to the other characters, seeing the dead body of his friend just after seeing his other friend, Oscar, die pushed Billy over the edge and turned him against everyone else.

The group are then forced to leave the nest when they are ambushed by the Troodon pack, with no time to retrieve Cafaro's body. His fate afterward remains unknown, but it is presumed that he was devoured after the Troodon eggs hatched.