Deputy Daniel Jackson was a police officer of a small unincorporated town somewhere in Southern California. He was a Native American of unknown heritage and served alongside Sheriff Will Tobias. Sometime in 2011, Jackson aided Will in an investigation with the FBI and Paleontologists to stop murderous Pteranodon from terrorizing their region. After all the animals were killed and the death of Sheriff Tobias, Jackson gained the position of Sheriff of the community. Daniel Jackson serves as one of the protagonists of the IDW Publishing comic book series Jurassic Park: The Devils in the Desert.


Daniel "Dan" Jackson was a Native American of unknown heritage greatly familiar with the desert regions of Southern California. He had three sons, one of whom named Luke. He taught his sons the skills of tracking in the desert as his ancestors likely had before him. Jackson became a Deputy of the unincorporated town under Sheriff Will Tobias at some point prior to 2011. The two were good friends and worked well together.

The Devils in the Desert

Behind the Scenes

"Daniel Jackson" is also the name of an unreleased figure made to promote Jurassic Park Series 2 and possibly The Lost World. The figure premiered in catolog and commercial shots featuring puppets from The Lost World. He was used mainly to show the action figures action features. It is unknown if the figure was planned to be set in Jurassic Park Series 2, or The Lost World Series 1. The figure was released in one of Kenners toylines Stargate, under the name Daniel Jackson, hence the prototype name. It's possible the comic book character was named after him.


  • Jackson's exact background (to what Nation or people of Native American) he belongs to is never specified. It is assumed his people are an Indigenous group from the Southern California desert bordering Arizona.
  • So far, Daniel Jackson and his sons remain the only major characters of Native American heritage in the entire Jurassic Park media franchise aside from Nima Cruz (who is an Amerindian of the Bribri people).
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