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Daniel Kon[1] is the main antagonist of the Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. He is the father of Kenji.

Pre Camp Cretaceous

A photo of Daniel during his time at the White House.

He is Kenji's father but barely spends time with his son, much to the sadness of the latter. After the fall of Jurassic World, he becomes the president of Mantah Corp according to himself, but he later mentions that he gave his former employee Kash D. Langford the order to blackmail Sammy Gutierrez family which happend before the fall of Jurassic World. This probably means he has been the president of Mantah Corp during a far longer period of time without telling his son.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Season 1

Kenji participates in Camp Cretaceous and is left stranded on Isla Nublar along with his campers after the Jurassic World Incident. Kenji reveals that his dad owns condos here, and also sadly states that his dad is barely around for him.

Season 2

Daniel is said to have changed the lock to his penthouse if Kenji continued to fail algebra. It turns out sometime before leaving Isla Nublar he did, showing that if his son didn't continue to academically prosper, then he wouldn't want to live with him.

Season 3

When the campers go to Kenji's dad's condominium, to find supplies to fix their boat, Kenji's dad is shown in photos. When Sammy asks Kenji where he is in these pictures, Kenji quickly changes the subject. Sammy and Yaz see a picture of him, his father, a mermaid, and an unidentifiable person next to them, that Kenji drew when he was 5. While Kenji initially brushes it off, he looks at it with some fondness after the two walk away.

Season 4

Daniel in Season 4

He is mentioned a few times, most notably by his employee Kash. He talks to Kash over the phone a few times. He eventually comes on the island. His name is revealed to be Daniel, as said by Kash. While telling Kash that Pierce the Kentrosaurus will be sent to a new biome as food, Darius overhears them and tries to stop them. After the Kentrosaurus is saved and the six campers are reunited with the Kentro and Dr. Mae, a large group of BRAD-X's, Kash, and Daniel arrive. Daniel, however, is shocked to see Kenji. A confused Kenji says "Dad?", much to the shock of the other campers.

Season 5

In a sneak peak, Daniel is shocked and excited to see Kenji alive, and hugs him. A confused Kenji asks him why he is running Mantah Corp, to which Daniel says he took over after the fall of Jurassic World. The other campers and Mae tell him about Kash's actions, which causes him to angrily confront Kash and tells him that he was supposed to keep things up and running, not commit murder and that he gave Kash too much freedom. However, a furious Kash who accused him of sitting back and letting him do all the heavy work, betrays him by programming the Brad-X's to turn on Daniel. Before he's able to kill his boss, the Velociraptors that acted as his guards suddenly turned on him and ate him.

Daniel is later tricked into abandoning the island by the campers while Kenji, realizing that his father had never really cared about him, abandons Daniel to stay with his friends who he realizes is his true family. Daniel leaves in his plane while showing little response for losing his only son. After the campers are rescued, Mae Turner contacts the authorities who arrest Daniel for his crimes. However, he either continues to keep the existence of Mantah Corp Island a secret or thinks it has been destroyed, allowing the few who are aware of its survival to turn Mantah Corp Island into a secret dinosaur sanctuary for those who live there. Following Daniel's arrest, Kenji appears to inherit his fortune as Kenji is able to continue to fund the sanctuary. He probably remains in prison and its unknown if Kenji ever visited him although it's highly unlikely given his actions toward his son and his friends.


Daniel can be implied as a neglectful father, due to him being barely around for Kenji. Unknowned to Kenji Daniel becomes the president of Mantah Corp after the destruction of Jurassic World. As the president of Mantah Corp, he has an island that is used to torture the dinosaurs and force them to fight. He can be best described as a neglectful father and animal abuser. According to Darius, Daniel seems to be even more heartless than Kash against the dinosaurs.

It is unknown how much he cares (if he does at all) about his son, given how Kenji describes him as never being there for him and most likely sent Kenji to camp to keep him occupied rather than spending time with him. However, he did seem surprised to find his son on his island, implying he either did not expect his survival or did not expect him to see his occupation as the Mantah Corp President, given how Kenji did not know about the company even before coming to the island. At the end of the fifth season it becomes clear that Daniel never had true love for Kenji which Kenji finds out when he realizes Daniel never searched for him after Jurassic World was destroyed and he just played to be a nice dad. Hearthbrooken Kenji abandoing Daniel completly to stay with his friends who he realize is his true family refusing to repeat his earlier mistake by letting Daniel manipulate him.

Daniel is also considered a traitor to Masrani, given how he secretly runs one of InGen's biggest rival companies and had made dealings with Masrani without the latter knowing of his true occupation. This shows that Daniel is even a very skilled lier and manipulator as he also manages to convince Kenji that only tries to keep the dinosaurs safe and uses Kenji's dream to be a bigger part of Daniels life to make sure that he cooperates with him when Daniel really wants to take control of the dinosaurs and later sell them to Biosyn to make money. He is shown to be a very ruthless individual and has psychopathic tendencies, with him even trying to kill a 14 year old kid just so he wont reveal his plans.


  • Daniel is the one of only two cinematic villains that so far hasn't been eaten or killed by a dinosaur. The other is Soyona Santos.
  • He is one of the most evil characters in Camp Cretaceous, only slightly better than Kash D. Langford, and is shown to be one of the worst parents in the franchise, as he didn't care for Kenji and was even willing to have one of his friends killed despite being a kid.



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