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Darius Bowman[1] is the main protagonist in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

He is an African-American teenager and one of the campers at Jurassic World's Camp Cretaceous. He won the chance through beating a Jurassic World themed video game, winning himself the opportunity to participate on Isla Nublar in the winter of 2015. He ends up becoming Kenji Kon's adoptive brother. His character is voiced by Paul-Mikél Williams.


Early Life

Darius was born sometime in 2003, he is the second son of Fredrick Bowman and and an unnamed mother, as well as the younger brother of Brandon Bowman.

Having grown up in a world where dinosaurs (previously extinct) lived and breathed, Darius developed a deep interest and admiration for these magnificent beings. This fascination was shared with his father (who most likely also influenced him), which made them have a fairly close relationship. Among other things, they enjoyed reading articles related to research and paleontological findings, especially those related to the doctor of paleontology Alan Grant, but the true dream of Darius and his father was, one day, to be able to visit the Jurassic World theme park, on Isla Nublar. They promised each other to visit the park and exchanged gifts to indicate their intention to do so.

However, Fredrick became seriously ill. For the next several weeks, Darius stayed with his father, who, in his final moments, told him that things don't always turn out the way you want them, that "everything falls apart" but to go ahead with his dreams and pursue them no matter what. Fredrick Bowman eventually passed away. Though devastated by both the loss of his father and the fact that they could never fulfill his dream, Darius stayed true to his promise to move on.

Camp Cretaceous

Season 1

"Camp Cretaceous"

Sometime in the year 2015, Darius obtained the Jurassic World VR video game, due to a promotional contest where in the winner would receive a free trip to Jurassic World. He would unsuccessfully try repeatedly to win the game, to the point where his mother asked his Brother to intervene, requesting that he take a break for his well being. Darius agreed, resting for the night, and waking up in the early morning as he had a sudden inspiration, reaching into his library for background information on how to beat the game. After being successful, Mr. DNA appeared announcing that he was the first winner of the game won Darius the chance to attend "Camp Cretaceous", a summer camp program at Jurassic World.

Some time later, Darius arrives on Isla Nublar and meets the five other campers, Brooklynn, Kenji Kon, Sammy Gutierrez, Ben Pincus, and Yasmina Fadoula and are greeted by Dave and Roxie, the counselors of Camp Cretaceous. Although Darius is obviously the most passionate of the campers and the only one interested in dinosaurs. As the campers traveled to camp, they introduced themselves to each other. The group stops when Dave and Roxie get out of the vehicle in search of a Compsognathus that got away and crossed the street. It hides in a nearby bush and jumps on Darius and he is excited to see the first dinosaur, before Roxie catches and captures it. After this incident, the campers continue their journey and arrive at the camp.

As the compy returns to his pen, Darius protests that he didn't take a closer look, but Dave tells him that they will soon. Before bedtime, campers see the herbivorous dinosaurs as they are led to their enclosures, and everyone gets a chance to zip-line and settle into their camp bunks that night.

Before going to bed, Darius sneaks off and tries to explore the camp area, but is discovered by Kenji, who boasts that he is rich and his father owns condos on the island. Kenji tries to intimidate him, but Darius doesn't intimidate him and they are interrupted by Brooklyn. Afterwards, Darius tells them that he's been waiting all his life to visit Jurassic World and wants to take advantage of it so he wants to go to the compy compound to see and the two decide to sneak out with him and sneak into what they assume is the compy compound. Once they enter the compound, Kenji and Brooklynn argue, causing Brooklynn's phone to fall into the pen. Darius sees that it is the raptor pen and tries to go inside to help Kenji, only to end up being cornered by the velociraptors Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie.


Surrounded by the Raptoras and just when it seems that they are going to eat them, Roxie turns on the lights of the corral and uses the meat as a distraction to rescue them. As the animal keepers deal with the raptors, Dave and Roxie get angry at them for their intrusion. While waiting in the dorms, Darius confronts Kenji about his motivation, but this argument is inconclusive. After Kenji confides in him that he was just trying to make his father proud, Darius lies too much to cover up for Kenji. However, Brooklynn's account contradicts them, so they are warned that they have one more chance or they will be expelled.

As punishment, Darius and Kenji are tasked with cleaning up the dinosaur poop while the others take a tour of the labs. Kenji claims to be a frequent visitor to the park and tries to bribe Darius. He leads him to the entrance of a tunnel that he claims is part of a network that connects the entire island. Kenji takes him to what he claims is a dinosaur quarantine area for the more aggressive animals. Kenji leads him to the Carnotaurus Paddock through the tunnel.

While walking through the jungle, Kenji and Darius have a hard time getting through the jungle. Kenji reveals that he was manipulating Darius, after he confronts him after being caught in a lie about his father. When they find the fence, they are not sure which side of the fence they are on, just as the Carnotaurus comes up behind them and chases after them. The two quickly run through the forest, managing to evade the Carnotaurus by using the environment to their advantage. Finally, they manage to escape by passing through a feeding grid. The Carnotaurus smashes its face against the grille, leaving a gash, while Kenji taunts him, referring to him as 'Toro'. After that Darius and Kenji rush back to camp and the group reunites, as they returned due to being kicked out of the genetics lab because Brookynn had broken into Dr. Henry Wu's office.

"The Cattle Drive"

That night, Darius tells a story about a Tyrannosaur stalking some people before being interrupted by the other campers, around a campfire, but suddenly it started to rain and they were forced to go inside.

In the morning, campers meet their counselors at Gyrosphere Valley, to get up close to a herd of dinosaurs as park staff lead them out to cool pastures. Dave and Roxie encourage Darius not to give up when he is discouraged about his chances of bonding with the group, encouraging him to pair up with Brooklynn. As Darius rides, he quickly discovers that Brooklynn is too engrossed in losing social media followers to focus on the dinosaurs or Darius. Shortly after, the counselors interrupted the activity due to the approaching storm and went out to warn the other employees leaving the campers in their Gyrosphere and behind the pack.

When Darius sees a storm-tossed Sinoceratops drift away, he convinces Brooklynn to go after it, toying with it to use it as a means of gaining a following on social media, and they go after it. The rest of the campers decide to follow them out of curiosity. The campers' lack of coordination results in the Sinoceratops sending Darius and Brooklynn's gyrosphere into the bulk of the herd, causing all the dinos to stampede.

Darius and Brooklynn are separated from the group and encounter the Sinoceratops. They briefly exit the gyrosphere to attempt to approach her, but quickly re-enter, just before she attacks them. Brooklynn and Darius are trapped in a sinkhole, the group discovers them and try to get them out, but they run into the Sinoceratops again. Sammy tries to bribe the Sinoceratops with a branch to distract her. The group then manage to attach a vine through a hole in the gyrosphere to the Sinoceratops, using its weight to help pull the vehicle out. The campers are immediately found by Dave and Roxie, who proceed to admonish them for their actions and the danger they were in.

Jurassic World Incident

"Things Fall Apart"

The next morning, Dave and Roxie leave the boys alone for what they think will only be a few hours, hoping to contact Claire Dearing regarding her concerns about camp. Darius tries to bond again with the rest of the campers, but they are not in the mood. Ben and Kenji still blame him for the previous day's events, even as Darius tries to get the group together to go kayaking despite the counselor's absence. He is then informed of Roxie and Dave's warnings to stay at the camp.

When Brooklynn confronts the group, telling them who stole her phone and accusing Sammy, Darius interrupts trying to cheer them up, but the group is distracted by the sound of a dinosaur roaring and they all head to the balcony. The group goes to the observation deck to try to see which animal the sound came from. Facing a locked gate to the observation tower, the campers have difficulty getting in, but eventually make it inside. Upon reaching the top, the group appears to be extremely tired, but arrives just in time to see a Brachiosaurus feeding on a tree. Just then, two park staff members approach the tower and attempt to alert them to the out-of-containment asset. As the campers refuse to go down, they hear another roar that attacks and kills the Brachiosaurus. The Indominus rex suddenly approaches, ambushes the employees and eats them. The Indominus proceeds to breach the fence and attack the observation tower.

The tower begins to wobble and Sammy nearly falls over, only to be saved by Yasmina and then picked up by Darius and Kenji as well. The group tries to use the zip line to escape, just as the emergency brake goes off, leaving them stranded in the center of the zip line. As the Indominus continues to break through the tower, Darius grabs hold of Yaz to try and create enough momentum to force the other campers to reach the other zip line tower. However, the Indominus manages to break the tower, along with the zip line, causing the campers to fall to the ground.

Darius wakes up shortly, as the campers are still disoriented. Darius is upset that he left his necklace in his bunker. The campers flee back to camp only to find that the Indominus has destroyed the camp. Darius rallies the group saying that they must work together to get to the main tourist area of ​​the park and seek help.

"Happy Birthday, Eddie!"

As they continue on their way, Kenji steps forward and states that he must make decisions as he is leadership material, then quickly delegates all responsibility to Darius. Darius quickly realizes that they are close to the Carnotaurus Paddock and leads the group. Arriving at the broken down fence, they discover that Toro has also escaped. A slip by Ben reveals that Kenji told everyone about the earlier incident with the predator. Darius states that the enclosure is north of the main park, so they must head in the opposite direction to try and get to the Visitor Center. Before leaving, Darius comforts a worried Ben, who fears that even finding an adult won't solve their situation. As they leave, they are stalked by the Indominus.

As they continue their way to the park, the group comes across the crashed Gyrosphere used by Claire Dearing's nephews and an Ankylosaurus killed by the Indominus, stopping to observe the scene. When the group hears a whisper in the jungle, they initially seek to hide, before it is revealed that Bumpy is a baby Ankylosaurus that was born in the Genetic Lab and was named after Ben. Kenji again puts Darius on the spot to come up with a new plan, and Darius decides to go to the Genetic Lab they had previously visited. The group would find a van and decide to use it to get to the lab with Bumpy accompanying them, but they are attacked by the Indominus. Shortly after they manage to evade it using the van and eventually find and seek refuge in the Genetics Laboratory. They meet up with Eddie, a scientist who stayed behind, but he soon tries to steal his truck to escape after being informed by Darius that they drove there.

The van is quickly destroyed by the Indominus Rex, and the group is forced to briefly hide among the shipping containers as the dinosaur stalks them. The Indominus continues to stalk the campers through the boxes, even as Bumpy once again inadvertently pinpoints his position to the panicked predator. Darius leads the group to the truck to escape, throwing a rock to distract the dinosaur and buy time. Darius once again distracts the Indominus, while Yasmina pushes Kenji out of the driver's seat. Darius barely makes it to the truck and they drive away.

Just then, Roxie radios the kids and warns them to stay at camp due to the emergency. However, Darius and Kenji inform them that the camp was destroyed and that they are heading to the main park in a van. However, the van crashes shortly after, due to Brooklynn drawing everyone's attention to the fact that Sammy had stolen her phone.

"Welcome to Jurassic World"

After the group recovers from the accident, everyone is upset with Sammy after she lied about taking Brooklynn's phone and confesses to being a spy for Mantah Corp, a corporation that also wants to create dinosaurs that sent her to spy and Yaz. she's hurt because she was the one who stood up for her, but Sammy really was lying this whole time. After that the campers witness Simon Masrani's helicopter chasing the Indominus, before it breaches the aviary. The Pteranodons break free, crash the helicopter, and proceed to chase the group. The kids run to the safety of the Kayak River, even as Bumpy isn't running, Darius and Ben pick her up and struggle to get to the Kayak River. The campers barely escape, managing to close the gate behind them. They decide to use the Kayaks on the attraction to navigate the river and get to the main park.

The campers come across a cave lit by bioluminescent bacteria and a large waterfall, and as they row, Sammy admits to Darius that her family didn't send her to spy. She had told Mantah Corp no, but had contacted the agent herself, not wanting her family to lose everything. The group then encounter some bioluminescent Parasaurolophus in the underground river, and are then agitated by Bumpy's screams, beginning to attack the campers, before they abruptly flee. The group is then sucked into a side tunnel by a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaurus lagoon.

The Mosasaurus begins to surround them, so the campers head for the safety of the spectator stands. Just as the Mosasaurus is about to pounce on Darius and Sammy, Yaz manages to divert their attention by hitting the platform with an oar and they arrive safely. Darius and the others use the food chain to save Yaz but he sprained his ankle after the Mosasaurus broke the food chain. After everyone reaches the stands, they take some time to rest as the sun goes down, but suddenly sirens are heard.

"Last Day of Camp"

Hearing the sirens warning of the evacuation of the park, the campers decide to head to the South Pier to catch the last ferry that leaves in two hours. The group decides to take the monorail to get to the docks in time, but they are interrupted by Toro's arrival. The group decides to try and sneak away while his back is turned, as Darius creates a diversion to lure him out. Reaching the top of the platform, they catch up with the monorail as it arrives, only for the announcement system to loudly alert the Carnotaurus to their presence. The predator chases after him but has difficulty climbing the stairs, tripping and falling midway. Darius runs to rescue Yasmina, while Kenji holds the doors open to buy time.

Narrowly escaping the predator, the group celebrates that they are finally going home, as the monorail continues toward the south docks. However, after their mood sours once they hear a distant explosion, the group is unsure if they will ever see each other again after the rescue. As the monorail continues to its destination, Darius laments that Jurassic World is not the place he had envisioned and even mentions his father and the group offer their condolences on his loss and his father's death. Darius runs to investigate, after the group hears something big crash into the monorail.

After running to the back of the monorail, he implores the group to turn off the lights and begins breaking the lamps. It is revealed that a flock of Pteranodons are attacking the monorail, and the group arm themselves with flashlights as they attempt to destroy the lamps to try to prevent the attack. As the attack continues, Darius leads the group to another car in his attempt to evade it. They then see up ahead, that the Pteranodons are attacking another monorail that has broken down in the middle of the track.

Darius realizes that they need to change tracks or stop the monorail to avoid a collision. They run to the front of the train to try to get to the controls. Finding it locked, they realize they have to get out of the train to access it. Darius initially offers to be the one to go but they discover that Ben has volunteered and had already exited the train at the top. Darius begs Ben to come back, but he refuses, asking Darius to create a diversion. The group uses their flashlights to try to distract the Pteranodons. Just as the group reunites after Ben manages to switch lanes, a Pteranodon tries to attack Ben, but Darius manages to grab it.

"End of the Line"

Trying not to let go Darius tries to lift Ben however his grip slips and Ben falls off the monorail. The group mourns their fallen friend, as several of them descend in grief. At that moment, Darius realizes that when they changed tracks, the monorail is returning to the starting point. Darius realizes that they need to get off the monorail, as Brooklynn sees a spot where the track comes close to the ground and identifies it as a possible starting point. Despite their misgivings, the group jumped off the train and landed in the middle of the jungle. They realize that they can make it to the ferry if they leave immediately, and the group reluctantly agrees as they believe Ben is dead.

Running to the ferry Yaz falls to the ground as his ankle is still sore and Darius decides to find a shortcut, asking Kenji to take them to the maintenance tunnels hoping one will take them to the docks. The group makes their way into the tunnels, but they quickly get lost. They see their way blocked by security gates, when they realize the park is closing. They come across a group of Compsognathus, as the campers descend and argue amongst themselves.

The group's discussion is stopped by the approach of the Carnotaurus advancing through the tunnels. The predator chases the children through the tunnels, until they manage to evade it using a grate. His attempts to make his way to a different area alert the Carnotaurus, who finds his hiding place. Narrowly escaping the predator, the group manages to escape to the tunnel branch closest to the docks. Their joy is short-lived, as they discover that the exit has been sealed. As the group looks to him for answers, Darius succumbs to despair when he realizes that they are trapped with the Carnotaurus approaching. Kenji leads the rest of the group to assure them that he is the one who helped the group survive and that they must work together to get through this. The children begin to open the boxes in the area to determine if there is anything useful.

Finding a box of compressed air tanks, Darius decides to use it as a weapon or distraction against Toro. However, the animal charges the cart, sending the tanks flying everywhere and starting a fire. The Carnotaur proceeds to attack the group as they narrowly evade it in the confined space. As the attack continues, several air tanks are pushed against the wall and Darius sees an opening to throw the dinosaur prod at the tanks, causing an explosion that destroys much of the tunnel.

As the group stumbles out of the rubble, they are surprised to see that Toro has also survived, although he is heavily scarred from the explosion. The animal decides to leave to heal from his injuries rather than attempt a confrontation. Just then, the campers realize that the explosion created an exit passageway, they exit the tunnel branch and run towards the docks only to see that the ferry has already left leaving Darius and the other campers stranded on Isla Nublar and marking the start of Season 2.

Season 2

"A Beacon of Hope"

A few days later, Darius and the rest of the campers are chased by a Parasaurolophus, just before Rexy attacks and kills it. Darius would stop to witness the T-Rex dragging its prey before the rest of the campers tried to determine where they should rest. Darius determines that they should go to Main Street, perhaps trying to find supplies there and ask for help. The rest of the campers agree and go to Main Street. When the campers arrive they notice that the main park is destroyed and they even realize that the Indominus rex is dead. They then begin to explore the ruins of the stores to determine if there are any potential communication devices within the theme park area.

After learning about an emergency distress beacon from Sammy, Darius decides that this would be their best bet for rescue, and the group scatters in an attempt to find it. While they continue searching, the campers break for some frozen pizzas that Kenji found but they can't eat them because they are frozen. Letting the food thaw attracts the Compys, and they are forced to throw it away to draw attention away from themselves. After that Darius has a nightmare that Ben is still alive and he blames him and wakes up sweating for Yaz.

As Darius becomes disheartened, believing he will never find the beacon, Yasmina encourages him not to give up. They go to the Discovery Walk attraction together, even as Darius has a sudden flash of inspiration upon seeing a display that mentions camouflage, he realizes that the beacon might be disguised within a part of the Main Street attractions. The campers eventually determine that the beacon was contained within a broken pole that Rexy had dragged into the T. rex Kingdom, where it nests making a nest. Darius makes a plan, in which the group splits up, half to distract Rexy, while the others go to find the beacon. Darius and Kenji invade the lair and activate the beacon before fleeing.

"The Art of Chill"

Sometime later, Darius stealthily watches two Baryonyx running through the jungle, as well as some Pteranodons flying through the air. The rest of the group is resting, still tired of trying to find shelter until help arrives. Darius informs the group once he gets down that they can't head east as the Pteranodons are nesting in the mountains to the east.

Seeing that Main Street and several other areas are unsafe, Darius suggests going to the Camp Cretaceous ruins, as it has amenities like a freshwater creek, supplies to build a shelter, and would be the first place rescuers would look. Darius trusts Brooklynn for her experience building a shelter, as she made a video about building a barn. Yaz tries to help with the shelter but falls down due to his injury still. Darius decides to see if there are any medical supplies at a nearby clinic and tells Yaz to rest.

As they prepare to leave, the group gathers up broken pieces of wood to defend themselves, while Darius and Sammy notice a Stegosaurus plaque on the ground. Brooklynn hears a buzzing noise causing her to ask the group if they hear anything, but no one else including Darius hears the noise. When they come across the clinic, the kids start gathering supplies and come across a treasure trove of canned food, even as Darius finds medical supplies for Yaz.

Hearing a roar, the campers discover that dinosaurs are caged in the clinic. They realize that the place is a veterinary clinic and decide to free the dinosaurs since they were abandoned. They release a Sinoceratops, then a Stegosaurus and a Parasaurolphus. At that moment they realize that there is a caged Baryonyx, which is very aggressive when they get close. Sammy and Darius are at odds over whether to release him or leave him. As they argue, Brooklynn hears the buzz again but is ignored.

Sammy argues that if they don't release him, they have to feed him every day. Darius suggests feeding him Sinoceratops, but Sammy refuses. However, before they can resolve the conflict, Brooklynn tells them to run as a Baryonyx emerges from the forest to chase them. The campers hide as they witness him attempt to free the tricked-out other, though the other Baryonyx appears and quickly chases after them. Darius helps Brooklynn get to the top of a cage to seek shelter from the animal, even as she tries to climb.

Darius gets the idea to tell Sammy to release two Stegosaurus to distract the Baryonx and manages to scare them out of the immediate area. However, Darius runs off to try to free the remaining Baryonyx, who is reunited with his family, even as they manage to scare off the Stegosaurus and Sinoceratops, forcing the campers to flee the area.

The campers run back to camp and reunite with Kenji and Yasmina, as they seek shelter in the trees to escape the stampede. Darius gets the idea to build a tree house and Yaz creates a drawing for it. The episode ends with the campers building the shelter for themselves and Sammy returning Darius's tooth necklace that he lost after the incident.

"The Watering Hole"

Almost a month later, the group managed to make a functional shelter, complete with a working shower, that is safe from most predators. Darius observed a group of Compys sleeping, drawing them in his notebook. Kenji quickly disperses them, as he and Darius make their way up to their finished camp. Darius goes to get more water for Kenji's shower, but calls out to the group when he discovers that the creek has apparently dried up. As the group tries to investigate, Brooklynn hears the buzz again, but no one believes her.

Sammy and Yaz volunteer to go with Brooklynn, while Darius and Kenji go to investigate what happened to the water. Kenji questions why Darius is so committed to documenting his experiences in the notebook and Darius begins to explain but is ignored. Kenji is unimpressed, as Darius tries to compromise with him, being cynical that he knows more about the island's secrets. The two then find a waterfall that appears to have no water.

Darius and Kenji climb the waterfall and determine that there is a blockage at the top caused by a fallen tree. They fail to remove the tree at all, as they hear a roar which turns out to be two Stegosaurus fighting. Darius gets the idea to get the Stegosaurus' attention, even when Kenji tries to push him away, before deciding to help him. One of the Stegosaurus attack them, but the kids duck in time, only for the dinosaur's swinging tail to knock over the log, causing the water to flow again.

However, the kids narrowly escape the Stegosaurus, only to encounter a Ceratosaurus. The Ceratosaurus confronts the children for a few moments, before turning and walking away and the two head to a newly filled watering hole and see various herbivores and carnivores drinking water, to which Darius says that Dr. Alan Grant theorized that this is neutral ground for all dinosaurs. Darius encourages Kenji to approach the watering hole, despite his clear reluctance. They both drink from the watering hole, taking in the scene around them, and Kenji finally admits that he enjoys it.

After that Darius and Kenji return to camp, as the group reconnects at camp, each reporting to the other group of their various successes in their objectives. The group decides to throw a party inside their camp, even as Kenji introduces them to music from a tape recorder he found to be Dave's. Just then, they witness what appears to be a campfire burning in the distance leading them to believe there are people.


Excited at the prospect of rescue, the group runs to the campfire. After running a short distance, Darius climbs a tree and cannot find the fire. Suddenly a roar is heard from the undergrowth which is revealed to be a Ceratosaurus, from which they flee. The Ceratosaur chases after the campers, and Kenji stays behind, the campers return for him and prepare to face him, but are interrupted by a flare gun. The flares drive the dinosaur away, and the children are saved by three humans named Mitch, Tiff, and Hap. The group questions their apparent rescuers, the first two being Mitch and Tiff, a married couple and ecotourists, and the other man Hap, their tour guide.

After being saved, Darius and the campers are taken to Mitch and Tiff's campsite, which they enjoy very much because they have tents, beds, and food. As they enjoy a proper breakfast, Mitch promises them that they'll be home in two days after their boat returns from the mainland, and the campers cheer. Mitch connects with Darius over his love of dinosaurs and after showing him photos from their previous excursions in Botswana and takes him and Tiff on a short dinosaur viewing tour. Darius however is unaware that Mitch and Tiff are hunters and are just using him so they can find dinosaurs to kill.

Meanwhile, Mitch, Tiff, and Darius watch some Compys, and Tiff approaches them causing them to attack her, but Darius quickly distracts them by throwing a candy bar at them, informing the two that Compys are poisonous. He gives them his impromptu field guide, which they find fascinating. Darius agrees to take them somewhere he knows, even as they are called back to camp when Brooklynn and Kenji set off an alarm trying to sneak into the yurt. Darius warns Brooklynn not to touch the yurt, even as Brooklynn calls another group meeting about her suspicions. Darius disagrees with Brooklynn, he is upset with her, however, Brooklynn crosses the line when she claims that he may be biased.

Darius and the group leave her to go with Mitch and Tiff, even when Brooklynn is alone with Kenji at camp. Darius along with Sammy and Yaz leads the pair to a herd of Brachiosaurus. Mitch and Tiff begin taking photos, even as Darius draws the animals closer with a call. Darius tells them about the watering hole, how they could get some great pictures because of the variety of dinosaurs. Inadvertently Tiff calls Hap on the radio to inform them of the change in plans. Tiff says that they should head back to camp because of Hap's response to the phone call, as they determined that he would take care of Brooklynn and Kenji. Darius, Sammy and Yaz with Mitch and Tiff go back to camp only to see Brooklynn and Kenji gone.


Back at camp, Mitch and Tiff start packing as they prepare to search for Brooklynn and Kenji. The campers begin to question the things they are packing, even when the adults reject them and refuse to answer their questions. However, Darius continues to trust them, despite Sammy and Yaz's misgivings. While Sammy and Yaz distract them, Darius sneaks into Hap's shop, even as he finds weapons such as knives, machetes, and booby traps inside. There he finds a dinosaur head under a sheet, which makes him fall scared and horrified.

Mitch catches him and when Darius questions him, he admits that they are not ecotourists, but big game hunters. Mitch confirms that they didn't come because he received the distress beacon, the dinosaurs being their true target, Mitch states that he wants to preserve the memory of Jurassic World by hunting them down. Darius doesn't believe him, so Mitch and Tiff threaten to leave them on the island unless they help them capture the dinosaurs.

Darius is forced to take Mitch and Tiff to the watering hole along with Sammy and Yasmina. As the group rests temporarily, they discuss what to do, with Darius reluctantly stating that they have no choice. As night falls, the hunters ready their weapons, even as the group sees a Stegosaurus enter the clearing. Mitch and Tiff prepare to shoot, but Darius decides to alert the dino by whistling to avoid being killed. The Stegosaurus scatters everyone and the campers flee in confusion, even as the Stegosaurus chases after them. They don't get far as Sammy is knocked down by a case and the others are quickly grabbed. Darius gives Yasmina a role and she manages to escape in the confusion, but Darius himself and Sammy are quickly recaptured. Tiff threatens them with an electric prod, forcing them to take them to the watering hole.

"Step One"

Darius and Sammy lead Mitch and Tiff to Main Street. As Mitch and Tiff begin to argue, Darius tries to formulate a plan with Sammy on how to escape. The four eventually make it to Main Street, arousing the hunters' suspicions. Mitch and Tiff corner Darius and Sammy in a gift shop while threatening them, demanding they reveal the location of the watering hole. As the adults try to attack them with electric shocks, the children quickly throw a shelf on them and scatter, taking their weapons with them. Darius and Sammy flee down Main Street, splitting up in an attempt to evade them.

As Mitch and Tiff stalk them, the pair try to bargain with them. However, the adults are distracted by screeching in the distance, and Mitch nearly trips over a scooter, allowing the children to back off for a bit. Darius and Sammy manage to fool the hunters with an umbrella and Brooklynn's cutout to give a false impression of their real position. When the power returns to the park, Darius and Sammy try to break into a store, but are alerted just in time by the intercom that the hunters are trying to ambush them.

Darius and Sammy start to run, when they notice Rexy approaching. Rexy closes in, roaring at the hunters as they try to flee. Mitch and Tiff begin to desperately fight Darius and Sammy for the guns, even when Rexy attacks them. She lunges, grabs the weapons, and causes the group to scatter. After Mitch and Tiff run away from her with the weapons, Darius and Sammy see that Rexy is about to head back to the nest, but turns around when she smells them. Darius and Sammy hide under a table, but she quickly discovers them and they run for their lives, trying to avoid her in an alley. However, the other campers in the control room manage to distract her by playing a pre-recorded message, as well as messing with the power settings and a hologram distracts Rexy long enough for Darius and Sammy to escape well and truly.

As they run, the speakers turn on with Brooklynn's voice even though they can't hear them, then Darius and Sammy try to inform the others through charades that Mitch and Tiff are headed to the watering hole to kill the dinosaurs.

"Chaos Theory"
Stranded again.png

Darius guiltily decides to go intercept the hunters himself, urging Sammy to rally the others to the boat and escape the island, but suddenly Ben's own voice comes over the speaker, telling him not to. they will allow it, as they would be able to hear Darius's plan once they got the audio input working. This surprises Darius, but he quickly complies and orders Kenji to come pick him and Sammy up, while he instructs Ben and Yaz to move the dinos away from the watering hole so Mitch and Tiff can't kill them; Lastly, he directs Brooklyn to be his eyes and ears, monitoring everything from the control room.

Kenji runs to pick up Darius and Sammy on a motorcycle and quickly catches up with them. Kenji, Darius and Sammy follow the tracks on the motorcycle and then Darius takes a shortcut through the tunnels to get to where the hunters are but he soon leaves to try to stop them by himself, trying to be a hero. Mitch and Tiff arrive at the watering hole, as Mitch sets his sights on Blue, about to pull the trigger just as Darius scares them off.

Mitch tries to bargain with him, asking him to get out of the way and even offering to save him. However, Darius stands his ground even when the pair approaches him. At this point, the hunters are run over by Brooklynn riding a Gyrosphere. Darius kicks the rifle away, as he and Brooklynn reconnect. However, they are interrupted by Mitch and Tiff, who have gotten up and are threatening them with guns. Just then, the rest of the campers arrive, using vehicles to scare the dinosaurs away from the watering hole. They succeed and Darius and Brooklynn use their moment of distraction to escape in the Gyrosphere.

However, Darius crashes the gyrosphere, causing it to lose energy. When Mitch and Tiff catch up to them, they begin to threaten them, but at that point Mitch reports that the tablet says there's a herd of dinosaurs on the way and the hunters run away, even as the kids panic, trying to turn the Gyrosphere back on. pack sends Darius and Brooklynn rolling. The Gyrosphere is knocked from many directions by the stampeding herd and it powers up again and they sprint forward.

Brooklynn and Darius drive quickly through the jungle, heading for the dock where the ship is. They get off the boat and run to try to catch up with Tiff, but she gets to the boat before them and escapes before they can get on it, but unbeknownst to them, Tiff is killed and eaten by Chaos and Limbo in revenge for the Grim's death. Dejected, Darius returns to the island with Brooklynn they meet at the docks with Kenji, who collapses exhausted by the motorcycle and the rest of the campers and Bumpy. Darius hugs Ben, delighted to see him again in person, and apologizes for letting him fall off the monorail. Everyone hugs as a group, and Darius says that they will find their own way off the island.

Six Months After the Jurassic World Incident

Season 3

"View from the Top"

After a great deal of time had passed, Darius and the rest of the campers, minus Bumpy, finally left the island on a small makeshift raft; but this was cut short when a huge wave destroyed their raft and swept them back to shore. Returning to camp the children discuss and evaluate which escape plans worked and which didn't and also what their next course of action will be. Darius convinced the others that another raft is the only way to get off the island and the group finally decides to do so. When Kenji mentions that there are hang gliders at a place called Lookout Point Darius gets excited and he points out that they could use them as sails.

Upon reaching Lookout Point, which is on top of a mountain, they use the Sky Gondolas to reach the top. As Kenji, Sammy, Yaz, and Brooklynn take the gondola to the top, Darius stays behind with Ben and Bumpy to collect wood from the forest. During this time, Darius tries to confide in Ben about the latter's problem, but he is generally brushed off. After pestering him about various things that worried him, Ben finally admits that he can't leave Bumpy again. Though Darius assures her that they can build a bigger raft to take her with them, Ben reminds her that even if they do, she won't fit in and must stay behind, just like her recent attempt to leave the island.

But then when they see a flock of Dimorphodons, Bumby attacks one in self-defense as he tries to attack the kids, and the trio manage to scare him off. After that, Kenji and Sammy inform them that they found Mitch and Tiff's boat stuck on a rock not far from shore and Darius and the others get excited. As the group reconnects, they are excited that they were able to find Mitch and Tiff's abandoned boat, and decide to use it as an escape vehicle.

"Safe Harbor"

The campers changed into bathing suits, swam, and cautiously approached the ship. They begin to carefully search the boat, finding claw marks, but find no sign of anyone or any animals on the boat. They discover the bridge room and determine that Tiff was murdered. The radio and controls are broken and they determine that he is almost out of gas. Darius determines that if they could get to the northwest dock, they could find gas for the ship.

Darius and Brooklynn are suddenly startled by the sound of a door opening slightly on the boat, only to be startled when Kenji jumps up in an attempt to surprise them but they weren't surprised. Arriving at the dock, Kenji brings up the idea of ​​having a yacht party for the group, even as the rest of them agree. The campers grab something to rest and relax, even as Darius and Brooklynn make an attempt to prank Kenji for scaring them. Kenji becomes suspicious of her attempts to prank him, but is successfully deflected by the suddenly rocking yacht.

As the campers investigate, they determine that there is a large hole in the side of the yacht. They decide to head to the dock to try and find supplies to repair the ship. Darius keeps walking until he reaches the fence and finds that the fence is broken. Meanwhile, Brooklynn tries to pick a lock, even when Darius accidentally bumps into her, informing her that the dock area is not safe. They meet up with Ben, even as they hear a dinosaur roar. It is revealed to be a pair of Ouranosaurs. They begin to roar, chasing the children. Seeing an opening, the group tries to escape, only to realize that Sammy is missing. After everyone is reunited, the group runs back to the yacht, Kenji managing to distract the Ouranosaurs with roman candles, while the group tries to cover the hole with duct tape and things from the boat to escape. Darius barely manages to escape and get on the boat, just as Kenji steers the boat to safety, but they soon realize that the Ouranosaurs can swim and are attacking the boat.

The Ouranosaurs try to board the boat, but the campers manage to scare them off with fireworks, all the while cheering in celebration. In the morning, Kenji tells Darius that he turned off the engine to conserve the boat's remaining gas as they are drifting, then Darius wonders about the camp mates' absence and the behavior of the Ouranosaurus, even when you notice that the island might be unbalanced. Unbeknownst to the campers, this was caused by a hybrid called Scorpios rex, created by Dr. Wu and the one Kenji accidentally released from cryogenic sleep in season 2.

"Casa De Kenji"

While the campers are still drifting, Darius continues to cover the hole with the tape, the rest worry about not having a dock to disembark since the other one is on the other side of the island, but Kenji indicates that he knows of a private dock. which is not shown on the maps, in his father's Penthouse. Just as they arrive and dock, the ship already runs out of gas. Kenji leads the way by taking them by segway to the Penthouse. On their way, they come across a Monolophosaurus. Darius ignores him for being a loner, so they walk past him, unaware that there is a second individual. The group makes it to the Penthouse without further incident and comes across a large building. Brooklynn uses the key card to access the building and they take the stairs to the private penthouse. Kenji welcomes them to the Penthouse, as the group begins to get distracted by the luxuries the Penthouse has to offer. Ben calls the group to the balcony, seeing that Bumpy is extremely agitated, noting that it is a sign of danger. The rest of the group led by Ben, Yaz and Sammy decide to go get gas for the yacht.

While the others try to escape the Monolophosaurus that entered the Penthouse through the vents, Darius, Brooklynn and Kenji try to search for a GPS. When they find what they need, a Monolophosaurus tries to break into the attic, and they barely manage to close the door, blocking to buy time. Darius and Brooklynn force open elevator doors to go down the shaft. As Darius, Kenji and Brooklynn go down the elevator shaft, the dinosaurs try to attack them. One lunges at Darius, but falls landing near Brooklynn, Darius landing next to her, even as Kenji is forced to drop his father's artwork on the Monolophosaurus to knock it down for a few seconds and allow them to exit the elevator.

As Darius, Brooklynn and Kenji exit the Penthouse they are saved by Ben, Yaz and Sammy driving a limousine found in the garage, they manage to escape the dinosaurs with Bumby and return to the dock. Back at the dock, Darius and Kenji have a conversation on the yacht, with Darius assuring him that Kenji is a good friend to them.

"Clever Girl"

After putting gas in the boat, the boys use caulk to patch the hole with a food tray, however Darius points out that the caulk takes 48 hours to dry. Kenji tries to speed up the process, but quickly agrees with Darius as the tray is replaced. After Brooklynn and Sammy went to investigate E750 (Scorpios rex) Kenji informs Yaz that the compass is broken they suddenly run into a compy, which Kenji briefly distracts with a coin. At that moment, more compys approach them, while Kenji keeps throwing money at them. A compy grabs the compass and runs off, forcing Darius, Yaz, and Kenji to chase after them, leaving Ben alone on the dock.

The campers chase after the Compys, but the dinosaurs manage to escape from them, during this time, they come across the ruins of the Jurassic Park's Visitor Center. Kenji is reluctant to enter the park, he considers the "park to be haunted" but Darius doesn't believe him, then tells Yaz to make him understand, but she even says that John Hammond had died there because of the Compys and Kenji is to scare, but Darius reassures him by saying that the original owner died of natural causes, then they are forced to search the place after seeing a compy enter. Upon entering, the children look at the old place covered with plants and vines, then they see that the friends have placed the compass on the second level and decide to go up there.

The group uses a vending machine to try to get to the second level, with Yaz going first. As the kids go to the next level, they see the Compys running away just as the Velociraptor, Blue, enters the Visitor Center that Darius and Kenji saw her on her first night at camp and that the Visitor Center has become her new home. The campers try to be as quiet as possible to try to evade Blue, however Yaz tries to get the compass. She drops it, but Darius narrowly manages to catch it, even as Blue stalks and kills a Compy, seemingly running off to eat it. The campers relax and head back downstairs to leave.

However, Blue notices them and chases after them, as the campers run to the safety of a vehicle. Darius finds a tranquilizer gun, but Blue quickly starts attacking the car. Blue jumps onto the car, attacking it from all sides, even as Yaz manages to get the car in gear, with Blue quickly chasing after them. The chase causes the car to flip over, causing Blue to be trapped under the car. The children get out of the vehicle and Darius and the others witness the compys approaching to eat the kidnapper and decide to distract them from Blue. Kenji runs back to the visitor center, hitting the vending machine with a stick, releasing coins which he uses to distract the Compys. The kids then jack up the vehicle so Blue can get out. As Blue approaches them, Darius encourages them to slowly back away, until Kenji tosses him a coin, causing Blue to roar at them, however she does not pursue them as they flee.

"Eye of the Storm"

Back at camp, Darius soothes old memories as he and Kenji wait for the sealer on the can to dry. Darius mentions that he is going to get supplies for the trip, but Kenji offers to go instead. Darius leaves Kenji in charge, as he goes off to watch a herd of his father's favorite dinosaur, Gallimimus. Darius observes a herd of Gallimimus and writes down a description of them for his field guide, even as Kenji calls to assure him that he is doing his job. As Darius attempts to feed a Gallimimus, he is interrupted again by a call from Kenji informing him that Ben is missing, as he tries to reassure him that he is capable of searching, just before Darius hangs up on him.

As Darius follows the pack, he notices the Gallimimus suddenly becoming agitated and fleeing the area, finding one of them dead hanging from a tree and falling after noticing strange spikes on the tree, looking on in horror. As he goes through his notebook to discover the identity of the mysterious dinosaur responsible for the recent murder, he hears a noise nearby, revealed to be Brooklynn and Sammy bumping into him. They explain the situation with the E750 to Darius and inform him that there is another hybrid dinosaur on the loose on the island. They decide to leave the island right now and then rush back to camp. As they run back, Darius calls Kenji to warn him about the hybrid on the loose and to get the supplies to the boat.

As the campers gather supplies, Yaz is sent to the yacht to prepare it, but she rushes back to report that the storm is too dangerous to go out. Darius and Kenji trade blame, and the rest of the group begins to argue over who was to blame for the situation, as they resolve to wait out the storm, even as they fortify the camp in preparation to ward off the hybrid. The storm begins, causing Bumpy to flail and run, even as the group hears a distant howl, and they retreat to the safety of the camp. Elsewhere, the Scorpios rex attacks a group of Parasaurolophus near the camp, when the rain begins. The Scorpios Rex stalks the perimeter of the camp, brushes against the electrified fence and flails, attacking the fence and causing the campers to scream.

He is able to use his infrared vision to see the campers, before he disappears, having climbed to the top of the camp to take them by surprise the hybrid jumps down and the campers try to evade it to no avail, even as lightning strikes a nearby tree, and the fire distracts the predator long enough for them to flee. Sammy is injured when the tail sweeps against her, and the campers are cornered by the electrified fence, as the Scorpios roar at them. He is suddenly greeted by an answering roar in the distance, as he rushes to meet the challenge, running into the jungle, as the campers sigh in relief, just as they realize that Sammy has been hit by the spikes, just as she faints due to the spikes being poisonous.

"The Long Run"

The campers rush to tend to Sammy, who is still badly poisoned by Scorpios rex. As the night progresses, the campers feel lost as Sammy still has a high fever. Darius mentions the possibility of an antidote, and Brooklynn remembers a video of the lab, where there is a potential antidote, and Yaz volunteers to go find it. The campers ponder the hybrid's possible weaknesses and conclude that the animal has an eye for fire, despite the others' strong doubts that it will work. Darius along with Ben run into the jungle to create a distraction, while Kenji and Brooklynn stay behind to take care of Sammy, and Ben takes Darius to a place he knows from his travels with Bumpy. They spot some Pteranodons, proceeding cautiously to make sure they don't get attacked. Darius and Ben reach a spot by a river, where he pulls out a can of gasoline. They return to the cable car and use one of the gondolas to create a makeshift bomb at the overlook with the gasoline and light it. The first attempt apparently fails, before causing a huge explosion half a minute later and the resulting explosion successfully drove the hybrid away from Yaz after she obtained the antidote. Afterwards, the campers return to camp when Yaz with the antidote arrives and they give it to Sammy. The campers prepare for the worst as Sammy is initially unresponsive, but celebrate when Sammy finally recovers.

"A Shock to the System"

After Sammy has successfully recovered thanks to Yaz and the antidote, the campers decide to leave the island as soon as possible and take everything they can to the yacht. But while they get things ready, Ben leaves the others to look for Bumpy. The campers notice that Ben is gone and Darius tells them that he will pick him up himself, telling them to go to the boat to wait for them and if they don't arrive before dawn they must leave. But the others disagree and as they protest, Darius distracts them and disappears alone into the jungle to find Ben. Darius turns off his radio as he goes to find him. Hearing a rustling in the undergrowth, he freaks out, until it turns out to be just a Sinoceratops that has been injured by one of the Scorpios rex's venomous spikes. Darius tries to remove the spike, but this causes the dino to squirm and attack him. Darius barely manages to escape, even when he falls off a cliff. The cliff falls out from under him, but Ben saves him just in time.

Darius finally reunites with Ben, but is worried about Bumpy's whereabouts and tells Darius to go back to the boat if he wants, but he follows. They finally find Bumpy after a short period of searching. But as Darius prepares to take them to the other campers at the dock, Ben hesitates, claiming he doesn't want to leave the island. Darius insists that they can all go together, but Ben says that he is happy on the island. The two argue and it turns into a physical fight over their respective decisions, as Darius tries to talk him out of staying. Just as Ben is about to punch him, Darius yells that he will never abandon him again. Later, Ben and Darius follow Bumpy and find a group of Ankylosaurus who eventually adopted her into their herd. As Bumpy receives a warm welcome, Darius receives a call from Brooklynn informing him of the attack the others had. Just as Darius is about to leave with Ben, the Scorpios rex attack the Ankylosaurus herd, but the dinosaurs move in formation to protect Bumpy.

The Scorpios circle the pack looking for an opportunity, even as Darius stops Ben from running to Bumpy's defense, but the Scorpios finally give up and leave. Ben then asks why Darius isn't being a good friend by letting him do what he wants, prompting Darius to say that he wouldn't let him again. Darius is comforted by Ben, who tells him that it wasn't his fault. Darius now accepts Ben's decision to stay on the island, but tells him that he should at least say goodbye to the others, which Ben agrees to do and the two run back to the dock. When Darius and Ben reached the dock after sunrise to meet up with the others, the boat and the other campers were gone. As the episode ends, the Scorpios rex comes out of the jungle as it proceeds to attack the children, while appearing a second behind them from a tree.

"Escape from Isla Nublar"

The two Scorpios Rex spin in circles, roaring in agitation, even as Ben and Darius look on in horror to see that there are two of them. Instead of attacking the children, the two hybrids proceed to attack each other. As they fight, Ben and Darius take shelter in the nearby limousine, which the campers took from Kenji's father's penthouse in hopes of seeking shelter. The fight between the two hybrids knocks the car over until it stands almost upright against a nearby tree. As they exit the limo, Darius speculates that the two Scorpios possess asexual reproduction due to the tree frog DNA encoded within them. Realizing that the hybrids method of reproduction and their extreme aggression would have catastrophic results for Isla Nublar and her dinosaurs, Darius and Ben decide to find a way to stop them and tells Ben that they will go back to where it all began, as he will. continue reluctantly.

They run through the jungle, chased by a stampede of Brachiosaurs, as they try to escape but fail, and Darius narrowly escapes being trampled by Ben. After Darius and Ben arrive at the old Visitor's Center they find the tranquilizer gun and right with the other campers. The group is dismayed to learn of the two Scorpios. They decide to hunt down the hybrids, even as Darius realizes he is right on top of them and runs to the safety of the Visitor's Center. The group turns when they see a flock of Compys running away and realize that they are now trapped with the Scorpios rex. Darius fires at the Scorpios, but misses, causing it to attack as he frantically reloads, but takes the gun away. The group runs to the old kitchen.

The hybrid initially go through the door, before bursting through the room. Kenji turns on the gas burners on the stove, causing the animal to roar in agitation, as they try to leave, only for Blue to lunge at them. They go back inside, while Blue breaks down the door, and when the Scorpios roar at them the other one appears. Blue initially prevents Darius from grabbing the tranquilizer rifle, so he makes a surrender sign, even as the Scorpios are fighting. Blue jumps on one of the hybrids as the other roars, and the kids try to bring down the Visitor's Center, as a three-way fight breaks out between the two hybrids and Blue. The ceiling collapses, crushing the Scorpios inside it to death while the kids and Blue managed to get out in time. Later, Darius and the campers would make a long trek to the pier, past the destroyed Visitor Center, the now-dead Scorpios rex, and Blue.

The campers return to the yacht without further incident. The group say goodbye to Ben and hug him, as they decide to set sail as another storm approaches. As the yacht departs, Ben heads into the jungle, but then regrets his decision and rushes back to the dock, begging them to stop, as he swims towards the boat and climbs in, the others are glad Ben joined as they left. Let him make the decision. The group begins to cheer and they prepare to leave for Costa Rica. However, before they can, some helicopters appear ordering them to return to the island and Darius wondering "who are they?".

"Whatever It Takes"

The episode begins with the helicopter ordering the children to return to the island, Kenji cheers, though Darius remains hesitant. The other campers raise their concerns regarding their potential "rescuers", though the current storm and rough state of the ocean convinces them to take their chances with the helicopter crew, and they head back to the dock.

When the helicopter lands, an armed mercenary disembarks, while the children climb into the helicopter but suddenly there is the sound of a large animal approaching. Rexy appears, causing the pilot to ascend in a panic just as she bites the helicopter and pushes it down. The pilot manages to free the helicopter and the dinosaur eats the mercenary as the helicopter flies away with Kenji, Sammy, and Ben on board, leaving Darius, Yaz, and Brooklynn behind to fend for themselves against the massive predator.

Darius, Brooklynn, and Yaz run for safety, while the other kids in the helicopter express their concerns, while the pilot tries to get someone on the radio, informing them that they will meet at the rendezvous point. The other campers flee through the jungle as the Rexy stalks them. She manages to find Yaz's hiding place, forcing her to run down a ravine on a fallen log. The carnivore tries to follow her, and Yaz slips and falls, about to be eaten, but the other kids distract Rexy long enough for her to chase after them.

Rexy corners Darius and Brooklynn, but is distracted by the sound of a voice over the bullhorn coming from Main Street. The kids followed the dinosaur and saw a straggling mercenary running towards one of the helicopters and managed to avoid Rexy, but the man on the ladder ends up being eaten by the Mosasaurus. The children conclude that they are not here to rescue them, then spot another helicopter and follow it, hoping it is the one carrying the other campers. To their surprise, the helicopter they followed is actually carrying a couple of mercenaries and Dr. Wu, while the kids hide.

After overhearing his conversation with the mercenaries, the trio surmised that Wu wanted to retrieve his private laptop containing his Scorpios rex research so he could make more hybrid dinosaurs. The children are conflicted about whether or not to try to destroy the laptop or risk being rescued. But deciding to prevent this from happening, they first decide to steal his laptop in hopes of turning it over to the authorities to prevent any more hybrids from being created, and race to try and get to the lab before Wu does. They make it to the lab but realize the entrance has been blocked by a huge log during the storm and are forced to hide before they can fully remove it and decide to go for a vent. Wu arrives and orders the mercenaries to clear the entrance. The men almost discover the vent, but a compy distracts them and they move on. After successfully acquiring the laptop from his private lab before they arrived, they heard that Wu needs the research to refine the Scorpios rex into a much more stable hybrid at the request of a man named Mills. As they leave, Hawkes one of the mercenaries captures Brooklynn, but not before he hands over the laptop to Darius. Forcing him and Yaz to leave Brooklynn behind.

Darius, Brooklynn and Yasmina then spotted another helicopter and follows it, hoping it is the one that carries the other campers. To their surprised, the copter they followed actually carries a couple of mercenaries and Dr. Wu. After overhearing his conversation the mercenaries, the trio surmised that Wu want to reclaim his private laptop that contains his research on the Scorpios rex so he could make more hybrid dinosaurs. In order to prevent this from happening, they decided to steal his laptop first in hopes of turning him in to the authorities to prevent more hybrids from being created.

"Stay on Mission"

Darius and Yaz run through the jungle with the laptop, fleeing from the mercenaries. Hawkes leads Brooklynn to the other mercenaries, while keeping her under surveillance and chasing after the other campers. Hawkes chases after the kids, using night vision goggles so he can pinpoint their location, calling for them to hand over the laptop. Hawkes gave them two hours to give him Wu's laptop in exchange for Brooklynn. Regrouping with the other campers and informing them of Brooklynn's situation, Darius devised a plan to return Wu's laptop, but with his research erased. The group returns to camp, while Yaz and Sammy copy the contents of the laptop onto a USB stick of Sammy's from the camp, so they can give it to the Costa Rican authorities to jail him, Darius comes up with a plan on how they will return the erased laptop from Wu, while Ben provides a distraction with the help of Bumpy's pack.

As the laptop is in the process of deleting all of Wu's research, Kenji, who is losing his patients and concerned for Brooklynn's safety, decides to take the laptop himself and hand it over to Wu, the others realizing that Kenji ran off with the laptop and they chase after him. In the morning, when Kenji returned the laptop to Wu and his mercenary, Darius and the campers managed to rescue Brooklynn amidst an Ankylosaurus stampede organized by Ben and Bumpy, which resulted in the destruction of Wu's laptop. After rescuing Brooklynn and saying goodbye to Bumpy as she left them to join the Ankylosaurus herd, Darius and the campers finally left Isla Nublar for good and set off for Costa Rica on Mitch and Tiff's boat, Darius taking a long look at the island while feeling relieved to finally be off the island. However, Darius's friendship with Kenji is now strained, due to the latter being angry that he was willing to risk Brooklynn's life. Also, unbeknownst to Darius and the others, there seems to be something on the ship that roars in the last scene.

Season 4

"Beneath the Surface"

Darius is happy that they have left the island, but there is still some tension between Darius and Kenji, as Kenji is still angry at him for putting Brooklynn's life at risk. After the boat gets stuck in kelp, Darius goes in the water to remove it, but gets stuck in the process, and is being tailed by the Mosasaurus. Fortunately, Kenji saves Darius, and their friendship appears to be restored. The campers are then attacked by the Mosasaurus who destroys the ship, which leads to the campers being swept away onto an island not on Coasta Rica. The six go into a cave in order to possibly find shelter for the night.

"At Least…"

After Ben sees something shiny, the six head out to find what it is. The group wanders into a desert as a sandstorm begins to form. Kenji and Brooklynn are separated in the process, which leads to Darius, Ben, Sammy and Yaz looking for them. Luckily they regroup with them after the sandstorm ends. They discover that the shiny thing is really just a metal rectangle, much to their disappointment. Later that night, the group wakes up and notices a saber-toothed tiger in a bush, with Darius remarking what it is. Luckily Darius and the group manage to get away. The following morning, the group finds an invisible wall which opens to reveal a metal hallway, much to their shock.

"Turning Dr. Turner"

They briefly go inside the hall, before coming out of another entrance shortly after which leads to the woods. Much to their shock, they hear and see a T. rex. They run out of fear and hide and then see it with another T. rex. They then see a woman, much to their shock. Darius and the group learn that the woman is named Dr. Mae Turner, who is a Behavioural Paleoneurobiologist, whom Darius is a fan of. Darius and the others tell her that they came from Isla Nublar. After learning from Mae that it is not possible to make phone calls on the island, the group stays at Mae's place. Distrusting Mae, along with discovering that Mae works for Mantah Corp, Kenji, Brooklynn, Ben, and Yasmina head to an area that Mae specifically told them not to go, while Darius and Sammy stay and keep Mae busy. Darius appears to be bonding with Mae over her work with dinosaurs. After Mae gets an alert, Darius and Sammy likely tell Mae about where the others are. The three then run to the others, and Mae stops a robotic dog (revealed to be a BRAD) from killing Ben, Yaz, Brooklynn and Kenji. Back at Mae's place, the group, particulary Sammy, warns her about Mantah Corp, much to her conufsion. Mae then goes to monitor the a mother and daughter T. rex eating habits, with Darius and Sammy following her. Darius watched the rexes eating with fondness. However, the two rexes get out of control and attack each other, much to the confusion of Darius, Sammy and Mae, with the latter having a BRAD tranquilize them. After Sammy finds something in the rexes food, the three head back to her place and a suspicious Mae is now curious on what Mantah Corp is doing to her dinosaurs.

"Rude Awakening"

After Mae discovers that Mantah Corp is tampering with the food to make the dinosaurs more aggressive, everyone comes up with a plan to call the supply plane and get rid of the altered food, in order to get off the island and stop Mantah Corp. Darius and Yaz head to the T. rex area and set off the time box, but the group is the chased away by the mother dinosaur Big Eatie. Fortunately, Mae gets an alert that the plane will be coming, much to the campers joy. However, they are then chased by some BRADs, but get away. After escaping, they enter a cold and snowy area, where they encounter a wounded Kentrosaurus named Pierce. Despite wanting to catch the plane, the group agrees to help get Pierce out of this area, upon Darius's request. While they are attacked by a BRAD, a frightened Yaz successfully hits it into the water. After saving Pierce, the 6 campers run to the plane, but unfortunately arrive too late. Darius states that despite missing the plane, they did the right thing. Darius and Ben head back to Mae's.

"The Long Game"

Still desiring to help the dinosaurs, Darius tells Mae they are in. Darius and Ben help Mae with Pierce. After everyone regroups, Sammy reveals to all of them about Kash who blackmailed her family into sending her to Jurassic World. When Darius and the others attempt to dissuade her from confronting him, an angry Sammy decides to do so anyway and runs off. Fortunately, Darius and the others stop Sammy. When Kash, who is Mae's boss, turns his BRADs against Mae, Darius and the others manage to fend off the BRADs and save Mae. The campers are surrounded by Velociraptors, but Sammy then uses one of the damaged BRADs to kill one raptor and scare the others away. The 6 then take Mae somewhere where they won't be seen.

"Mission Critical"

Ben tries to help a wounded Mae, while the others try to get Kash's phone and call for help. Darius, Sammy and Kenji encounter an injured Little Eatie (Big Eatie's daughter), much to their discomfort. After Big Eatie and Pierce are lured to a place by the BRADs and Mantah Corp drones are are forced to fight, the six campers come up with a plan to lure Kash away, stop the fight, and get the phone. However, when Yaz suffers a panic attack after hearing Big Eatie and Pierce roar at each other, Darius decides to go and get the phone by himself. After Ben, Sammy, and Yaz cause a distraction which lures Kash and his BRAD away, Darius sneaks into th compound and uses the monitor to move the drones way, which briefly stops the fight. However, Kash's BRAD who ordered him to get his phone, shows up, which leads to Darius hiding and losing control, and the fight then resumes. After briefly deliberating on going for the phone or stopping the fight again, he gets the phone and destroys the BRAD. He calls somone, but is stopped by Kash who takes the phone and ends the call. The person who he called and picked up was his brother Brandon, who is shocked to learn that Darius is alive.

"Staying Alive"

In order to gain Kash's trust, Darius reveals to Kash he came from Isla Nublar, but does not mention the other campers, and acts like he hates dinosaurs. Darius convinces Kash to stop the fight by stating that the dinosaurs are expensive. Kash and Darius go to the med bay with Big Eatie who was tranquilized by the BRADs. While Kash is on the phone with his boss, Darius removes the wound from Big Eatie she sustained from Pierce during the fight, and is ready to escape in an elevator but stops when Kash gets off the phone. After Kash's BRAD drops a box of some sort of chips, Darius takes one and puts it in his pocket. When they go in the elevator, Darius sees the other 5 and then jumps out, much to Kash's anger. Darius is briefly reunited with the others, where he reveals a chip he found which he believes is used to control the dinosaurs. He then decides to stay with a Kash and act as a spy for the group. When a furious Kash get back, Darius gives him the chip as a sign of trust, which soothes his anger. Unbeknownst to Darius, Brandon vows to find him and leaves their house.

"Technical Difficulties"

Darius exits the compound to meet with the group, but is stopped by Kash's BRAD-X. To cover himself, Darius states he wants to go for a walk, and Kash says that the BRAD-X will be with him. They then go inside. Kash instructs Darius to inject his control chip in the Spinosaurus. Darius tries to inject the chip while the Spino is sleeping, but it wakes up and chases him with the BRAD-X also chasing him. The BRAD-X tries to kill Darius, but Darius gets away and the Spino destroys the BRAD-X, and Darius then uses a sleeping gas to knock out the Spino. Fortunately, Brooklynn successfully reprograms a robot to communicate with Darius, and Darius does not have to inject. Darius and the BRAD-X report the progress to Kash, but the test fails. Kash then notices the other tests fails, which makes Kash wonders if the chips will work on more impressionable assets, much to Darius's horror.


While the five head to the Med bay to save the younger dinosaurs with Darius's assistance, Darius keeps Kash busy with video gaming. After Darius wins the first game, an angry Kash proceeds to leave, but wanting to keep him stalled, Darius goads him into playing again. They play more games, but Kash uses cheat codes and tactics to win. After Kenji turns the power off, Kash leads Darius to the Med bay. Darius and Kash encounter the Ceratosaurus in the med bay, but it is tranquilized by a BRAD-X. Kash then notices that the other dinosaurs are gone and asks if Darius is behind this, but Darius denies.

"Taking Control"

Kash tells Darius and the BRAD-X's they need to sweep the biomes. Darius tells him to check here first and says that baby dinos can't work elevators, in order for the others not to be caught. Darius becomes scared when Kash discovers that the platform was used. The Brachiosaurus that was saved by Ben runs off and is caught by some BRAD-X's and taken to Kash and Darius, where Kash injects the control chip in to control the dinosaur, much to Ben's and Darius's horror. Darius is uncomfortable over what Kash did. The other 5 come up with a plan to stop Kash and Ben tells Darius. The plan, however, is complicaed by a pack of Pteranodons attacking. Darius and Ben lead Kash into a trap, but their attempt fail when the BRAD-X does not shock him. Fortunately, Ben leads Darius and Ben into Mae's place and Darius and Ben trap him inside, much to the anger of Kash. Darius is then reunited with the others, much to their happiness.

"Who's the Boss?"

Darius and Kenji offically put the past behind them, with Darius telling Kenji that they are good when a guilty Kenji tries to explain to him that he really was not mad at him. However, Kenji initally does not tell him about him and Brooklynn after Darius says he does not like change. After noticing that Kash escaped Mae's place, Darius and Kenji head to the compound, where Darius hides from Kash and his boss and overhears the boss say they are going to take Pierce to a new biome and use him as food. To stop them, Darius and Kenji head to the airlock. Darius and Kenji head into the biome, but not before Kenji reveals he and Brooklynn are a couple, much to Darius's shock and happiness. Darius and Kenji are chased away by a pack of Dilophosaurus and end up catching up with Ben, Mae and Pierce. Brooklyn, Sammy and Yaz arrive with the snowmobile and chase away the Dilophosaurus packs, thus saving the others. Brookylnn tells Kenji that he and Darius sent their BRAD-X to warn them, which Kenji denies. Darius then realizes that this is a trap. The six, Mae and Pierce see a group of BRAD-X's, Kash and the boss approach them. Kenji recognizes him and says "dad?", much to the shock of Darius and the other campers.

Season 5



"The Final Test"


"Battle Lines"


"Evasive Action"


"Shaky Ground"


"Out of the Pack"


"The Leap"


"Clean Break"


"The Core"




"The Last Stand"


"The Nublar Six"


Several years later, Darius now returned to his family. One day, while he was on his laptop with Kenji, they have a call from Sammy, Yaz, Ben and Brooklynn. When Kenji went for dinner while Darius himself is still on the call, he heard the sound that coming from outside, he looks at the window from outside, untill he spotted a Brachiosaurus on the trees, much to his surprise.


Darius is a withdrawn geekish kid who is passionate about dinosaurs. This interest he shares in common with his father Frederick and what bonded them together. After his father's passing, Darius wanted to fulfill their shared dream of visiting Jurassic World. At first Darius has some trouble befriending the other campers due to being the youngest of the group and seemingly the only one interested in dinosaurs. Initially, Darius seems to conflict with the brash Kenji Kon. But after the two survived an encounter with Toro, the two had a begrudging respect for each other. Darius also seemed to not get along well with Brooklynn due to her disinterest in dinosaurs and focus on her social media, but the two would begin to bond after being saved from a quicksand pit. When the Indominus rex escaped and the children found themselves on their own, Darius took charge in leading them to survive. In spite of being unsure and not knowing what to do for every situation Darius displayed courageousness to protect the other kids, with the others (excluding Ben who was presumed dead) eventually telling him that he is the reason they have survived.

In season 2, Darius is still trying to be a leader of the others. He bonds more with his campers, particularly Kenji. This season however, shows him to be gullible and easily manipulated (to an extent), as he bonds with Mitch to the point that he refuses to believe that he and Tiffany are up to something, despite the others (Brooklynn in particular) being suspicious. He forms a fatherly bond with Mitch, which likely explains why he is easily manipulated by the latter. After learning that Mitch and Tiffany are hunters and villains, he expresses a lot of guilt for not listening to Brooklynn. His guilt over not saving Ben is still present. After being reunited with Ben, he is overjoyed that he is still alive.

In season 3, shows his leadership style continuing. His guilt over letting Ben goes is present to the point that he fights Ben because the latter wants to stay on the island, and even says that he would not abandon him again during their fight. By the end of the season however, his friendship with Kenji is strained, due to the latter being angry at him for putting Brooklynn's life at risk.

In season 4, he desires to help the dinosaurs, while also desiring to get everyone off the new island. At one point, he contemplates on using Kash's phone to call for help, or stopping the fight between Pierce and Big Eatie, ultimately choosing the former. After being captured by Kash, he pretends to hate dinosaurs and feeds his ego to gain his trust, as well as acts like a spy for his group. Despite there being tension between him and Kenji for putting Brooklynn's life at risk, their friendship is restored after Kenji saves him from the Mosasaurus. At the end of the season, he is shocked to learn that the president of Mantah Corp is Kenji's dad.

In season 5, Darius continues to lead the group against Mantah Corp, but he is deeply hurt by Kenji's betrayal, revealing that he considers Kenji to be his best friend. At one point, Darius admits that he's struggling with the idea that he's changed so much from all the life or death situations and being forced to choose between a bad choice or a worse choice. Brooklynn tells Darius that they all look to him because Darius' light burns bright and no amount of terrible choices can put it out. He accepts Sammy and Yaz’s love and admits that he’s really happy for them. When Kenji rejoins the group after having realized that they were right about his dad's ruthless nature and after earned back their trust by helping Ben to rescue Bumpy, Darius remains angry and withdrawn, the sole member of the group who is not happy about Kenji's return due to his hurt and anger over Kenji betraying and leaving them. Kenji is deeply ashamed over his actions and tries to make it up with Darius, but he continues to avoid Kenji. When Darius furious ask Kenji if he hasnt hurt the dinosaurs enough Kenji answers that Darius isnt mad at him because of the dinosaurs but because of that Kenji was not there to support Darius when he should have, meaning that he should have listen to Darius and his other friends warnings about his father. However, the two eventually reconcile after Kenji risk his life to free Toro from his fathers mercenaries and promises never to abandon what he mostly cares about - the dinosaurs and especially Darius - ever again and the two friends hug each other. After being reunited with his family at the mainland and sees Kenji is sad for not having a family to be with, Darius convinces his mother to adopt Kenji and they become brothers.


Darius has brown eyes, dark skin and short curly black hair. He wears a yellow and black hooded jacket (appears in three episodes of Season 1) later it's been replaced by a white t-shirt after leaving it behind at the ruins of the bunkers and he wears it mostly during through Season 1 and 2 while stranded on Nublar. Also wears light blue jeans, black and white sneakers and wears a raptor tooth necklace (was mention in Things Fall Apart, that he left it behind at the camp during through the Indominus rex Outbreak). Later in season 2, the necklace was discovered and recovered by Sammy in the debris. As of Season 3, his hair has grown more voluminous in size, due to lack of resources on the island.

During Season 3, Darius' sideburn haircuts have grown back while still stranded on Isla Nublar with the other campers.

In the episode "Safe Harbor" Darius wears a pair of yellow swim trunks. This may indicate that his favorite color is yellow.



  • Darius shares his surname with the Bowman Family from the The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Cathy Bowman and her parents, and the other Bowman Family from the original Jurassic Park novel, Tina Bowman and her parents.
  • Darius carrying a dinosaur tooth necklace may be a reference to Dr. Alan Grant and his signature raptor sickle claw from Jurassic Park. Like Dr. Grant, Darius loses his necklace on Isla Nublar.
    • Unlike Dr. Grant, Darius accidentally lost his necklace. Dr. Grant threw his raptor claw away, intentionally losing it. And unlike Dr. Grant, Darius reclaimed his necklace.
  • Darius' signature color initially appears to be yellow/gold due to the jacket he initially wears. Yellow as a color has been associated with intelligence, honor, loyalty, joy, and optimism all of which describe Darius' personality.
  • Darius is very much interested in the researches of Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler as he was shown to keep tabs on their works and findings.
  • His yellow jacket bears a resemblance to the one worn by Dennis Nedry in the original Jurassic Park film.
  • Darius is 12 and the youngest of the group, confirmed by the novelization of the show.
  • Darius refers to Blue in "Escape from Isla Nublar" as the "blue raptor" because he and the other campers never learned her name or have a chance to meet Owen Grady, thanks to the Indominus rex breaking out and throwing the park into chaos.
  • Darius read Dr. Mae Turner's book before meeting her in person.
  • When Darius encountered Jurassic Park, along with Kenji and Yaz it is estimated that he had heard the story of the first park.




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