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Darius Bowman is the main protagonist in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

He is an African-American teenager and one of the campers at Jurassic World's Camp Cretaceous. He won the chance through beating a Jurassic World themed video game, winning the himself the opportunity to participate on Isla Nublar in the winter of 2015. His character is voiced by Paul-Mikél Williams.


Early Life

Darius was born sometime in 2003, he is the second son of Fredrick Bowman and a currently unknown mother, as well as the younger brother of Brandon Bowman.

Having grown up in a world where dinosaurs (previously extinct) lived and breathed, Darius eventually developed a deep interest and admiration for these magnificent beings. This fascination was shared with his father (who most likely also influenced him), which made them have a fairly close relationship. Among other things, they enjoyed reading articles related to research and paleontological findings, especially those related to the doctor of paleontology Alan Grant, but the true dream of Darius and his father was, one day, to be able to visit the Jurassic World theme park, on Isla Nublar. They promised each other to visit the park and exchanged gifts to indicate their intention to do so.

However, Fredrick became seriously ill. For the next several weeks, Darius stayed with his father, who, in his final moments, told him that things don't always turn out the way you want them, that "everything falls apart" but to go ahead with his dreams and pursue them no matter what. . Fredrick Bowman eventually passed away. Though devastated both by the loss of his father and by the fact that they could never fulfill his dream, Darius stayed true to his promise to move on.

Camp Cretaceous

Season 1

Sometime in the year 2015, Darius obtained the Jurassic World VR video game, due to a promotional contest wherein the winner would receive a free trip to Jurassic World. He would unsuccessfully try repeatedly to win the game, to the point where his mother asked his Brother to intervene, requesting that he take a break for his well being. Darius agreed, resting for the night, and waking up in the early morning as he had a sudden inspiration, reaching into his library for background information on how to beat the game. After being successful, Mr. DNA appeared announcing that he was the first winner of the game won Darius the chance to attend "Camp Cretaceous", a summer camp program at Jurassic World. Upon arriving at Camp Cretaceous Darius is introduced to his fellow campers Brooklynn, Kenji Kon, Sammy Gutierrez, Ben Pincus, and Yasmina Fadoula. Although Darius is obviously the most passionate of the campers and the only one interested in dinosaurs.

The campers are soon introduced to their Camp Counsellors Dave and Roxie. Throughout the series Darius is provided many opportunities to fulfil he and his fathers shared ambition of visiting Jurassic World. Darius saw dinosaurs up close and drove a gyrosphere. In "Things Fall Apart" the campers are separated from Dave and Roxie, and with the Indominus rex and other dinosaurs out of containment, are forced to fend for themselves.

Eventually in "End of the Line" the campers having defeated Toro make their way back to the main dock, intending to catch the ferry to the mainland and return home. However upon arriving the ferry has already left, leaving Darius and fellow campers stranded on Isla Nublar and marking the onset for Season 2.

Season 2

"A Beacon of Hope"

Darius leads everyone to Main Street in the hopes of sending out a distress signal. After a day of searching in vain for a beacon to send for help, he has a nightmare of Ben Pincus still being alive and blaming him. He's woken up by Yasmina Fadoula, and while with her he realizes that the beacon is disguised. After they find the beacon in the T. rex's lair, he and Kenji Kon invade the lair and activate the beacon before fleeing.

"The Art of Chill"

Realizing that Main Street and several other areas are unsafe, Darius and the others try to keep themselves safe until help arrives, eventually building a shelter at their old destroyed camp caused by the Indominus rex. While looking for food, Darius, Sammy and Brooklyn find themselves being chased by two Baryonyxes. Darius frees three Stegosauruses from the cages to distract the Baryonyxes, but also releases the last Baryonyx since they are a family.

"The Watering Hole"

On one morning when Brooklyn, Yasmin and Sammy investigate a noise and frozen flowers she witnessed earlier, Darius and Kenji investigate what happened to the water (Water drained). The two successfully fix the water problem by goading a Stegosaurus into hitting a long, resulting in the water flowing again. After the water starts flowing again, the two head to a water hole and see several herbivores and carnivores drinking water, to which Darius says Dr. Alan Grant theorized that this is a neutral ground for all dinosaurs. Later that night, the campers spot a fire, making them believe there are people.


When they arrive however, they don't see people at first, and are instead attacked by a dinosaur. Fortunately they are then saved by three human beings named Mitch, Tiff, and Hap, with the former two being a married couple and the latter being their tour guide. after being saved, Darius and the campers are taken to Mitch's and Tiff's camp, which they greatly enjoy because they have tents, beds and food. Darius bonds with Mitch for their love for dinosaurs, and takes both Mitch and Tiff on a brief tour to see dinosaurs. Darius however is unaware that Mitch and Tiff are hunters and are just using him so they can find dinosaurs to kill.


Darius is the last person to find out about their motives. Once he finds out, Mitch threatens him into helping the two, with either killing the group or the dinosaurs on the island; demanding Darius to take them to the watering hole. Darius starts guiding them to the watering hole, along with Sammy and Yasmina, but when Mitch tries to shoot a dinosaur, Darius reveals their location and the dinosaur scatters everyone. Darius gives Yasmina a piece of paper and she manages to escape in the confusion, but Darius himself and Sammy are quickly recaptured.

"Step One"

Darius and Sammy lead Mitch and Tiff to Main Street, whereupon they immediately turn taser staves on them and threaten them, demanding they reveal the location of the watering hole. Darius and Sammy then drop a bookshelf on them and scatter, taking their guns with them. The hunters search for them for a great deal of time until they discover the cutout of Brooklynn, again used as a decoy, but not long after they manage to find Darius and Sammy. However, the return of electricity distracts them long enough for Darius and Sammy to flee again, only for Rexy the T. rex to arrive and drive the hunters off. It then comes for them, but a hologram distracts Rexy long enough for Darius and Sammy to well and truly escape — without the guns, which the hunters recovered. As they run, speakers turn on with Brooklynn's voice, although she cannot hear them. Darius and Sammy then work together to explain, via charades, that the hunters are going after the watering hole.

"Chaos Theory"

Stranded again.png

Darius directs everyone to different jobs to stop the hunters, but soon leaves to try and stop them alone, trying to be a hero. Before the confrontation can truly begin, Brooklynn runs over the hunters in a Gyrosphere. She gets out and starts having a "touching moment" with him, saying he was wrong, but in actuality they were just stalling the hunters until the other campers could drive away the dinosaurs from the watering hole. While the hunters witness this, Darius and Brooklynn pile into the Gyrosphere and run. However, Darius crashes the Gyrosphere and the hunters briefly close in, but they run when they see the stampede, which slams into the Gyrosphere and sends Darius rolling. Eventually the Gyrosphere turns on again and they speed ahead, but Tiff beats them to the docks and escapes in her boat before they can get on it.

Dejected, Darius goes back to the island, but is delighted to see Ben in person again and he apologizes for letting him fall. They all group hug, and Darius says they'll find their own way off the island.

Season 3

After a large amount of time has pass, Darius and the rest of the campers, sans Bumpy, have eventually got off the island on a small makeshift raft; but this was cut short when a massive tidal wave destroyed their raft and washed them back to shore. Returning to their camp to discuss what their next course of action will be, Darius convinced the others that another raft is the only way to get off the island. The campers then decided to go to spot at the top of a mountain called Lookout Point to get some hang gliders to make a sail for another raft. While Kenji, Sammy, Yasmina and Brooklynn takes the gondola lift to the top, Darius stays behind with Ben and Bumpy to gather some woods from the forest. During this time, Darius tries to confide with Ben about what the latter's problem is, but he usually brushed it off. After pestering him with various things that worried him, Ben finally admits that he can't leave Bumpy again. Though Darius assures him that they can build a bigger raft to take her along with them, Ben remind him that even if they do, she can't fit and must stay behind, just like their recent attempt to leave the island. After the campers survive a flock of attacking Dimorphodons, Kenji and Sammy informed them that they found Mitch and Tiff's boat stuck on a rock not far offshore.

After acquiring the boat, Darius and the other campers would spend times dedicated to refueling and getting necessary supplies for the boat. During this time, he would come across the ruins of Jurassic Park's Visitor Center with Kenji and Yaz in "Clever Girl", which became the new home of the "blue raptor" he and Kenji encountered on their first night at camp; and in "Eye of the Storm", he puts Kenji in charge of packing up the supplies while he goes to observe a herd of his father's favorite dinosaur: the Gallimimus. Darius would later found one of them dead and stashed in a tree that is littered with strange barbed quills. As he looked through his notebook to figure out the identity of the mystery dinosaur that was responsible for the recent killing, he bumped into Sammy and Brooklynn, who revealed that the mystery dinosaur is another hybrid created by Dr. Wu, the Scorpios rex. As they return to camp to prepare for their immediate departure, the storm is already getting worse to the point that the water became to rough for their boat to cast off. Stuck on an island with the storm getting even worse, and a killer hybrid dinosaur out on a rampage, the campers decided that they are going to have to make a stand until the condition improve. As the storm makes landfall on the island, the Scorpios rex attack their fortified base, getting pass their electrified fence and threatening the campers. During its assault, it became distracted by a nearby burning tree and later left after it heard another dinosaur calling out in the distance, but only after it managed to poisoned Sammy.

Following the Scorpios rex's attack, Darius and Ben devised a plan to create a huge and fiery explosion to distract the hybrid, while Yasmina races to get the antidote, and Kenji and Brooklynn stay behind to tend to Sammy. Using an extra tank of gasoline, they lit one of the gondola lifts that leads to Lookout Point, and the resulting explosion successfully draws the hybrid away from Yaz after she got the antidote. After Sammy have successfully recovered thanks to Yaz and the antidote, Darius and the campers decides to take whatever they can carry to the yacht while there is a break in the storm. However, Ben left the group to find Bumpy, who had earlier fled during the Scorpios rex's rampage, prompting Darius to leave the other campers to find him. Darius eventually reunite with Ben and later Bumpy, but as he prepares to lead them to the meet with the other campers at the dock, Ben told Darius that does not want to leave. Even though Darius insist to Ben that he needs to go home, Ben wants to stay behind for Bumpy and his sake. The two later got into a fight over their respective decisions, but it would not end until Darius shout out loud that he does not want to leave Ben behind again. Later, after Bumpy found a group of Ankylosaurus that eventually adopted her into their herd, they were attacked again by the Scorpios rex, but the herd's armor and protective instinct drives the hybrid away. Darius would later have Ben accompany him to the dock, but only so the latter can say goodbye to his fellow campers since he decided to stay on the island.

By the time they had reached the dock to meet with the others, the boat and the other campers are gone. What makes it even worse for them is the Scorpios rex had finally catch up to them, followed by another one. Darius and Ben had barely survived the onslaught of the two Scorpios rexes by hiding in one of the Limos the campers have taken from a penthouse owned by Kenji's dad, while the two hybrids fought each other. Darius surmised that the second Scorpios rex's birth could only be possible if the hybrid have the DNA of certain frog species in its genetic makeup, which enables them to reproduce asexually. Realizing the hybrids' reproduction method and their extreme aggression would have catastrophic results for Isla Nublar and its dinosaurs, Darius and Ben decided to find a way to stop them. After the two reach the old Visitor Center and reunite with the other campers, the Scorpios rexes would attack them again. With help from Blue, Darius and the campers managed to defeat the hybrids by causing the Visitor Centers to collapse, crushing the hybrids inside to death. Darius and the campers would later make a long walk to the dock, leaving the destroyed Visitor Center, the dead Scorpios rexes, and Blue behind them.

After saying goodbye to his fellow campers and having a second though on his decision, Ben rejoins them, and with Darius pulling him up onboard, the campers finally prepare to depart for Costa Rica. Before they can, however, they were stopped by helicopters ordering them to return to the island, which the campers complies and return to Isla Nublar. Even though Kenji is excited, Darius and the rest of the campers are suspicious that the helicopters are not their rescuers. Nevertheless, the campers return to the dock and begin to board one of the copters. After Kenji, Sammy and Ben boarded, Darius, Yaz and Brooklynn are next to evacuate, until the T. rex appears to attack the copter and kills one of the mercenaries. The pilot then begin a hasty retreat with Kenji, Sammy and Ben onboard, leaving Darius, Yaz and Brooklynn behind to fend for themselves against the massive theropod. Chasing the trio in a forest, the T. rex caught up to them, but gave up when she heard another team of mercenaries stationed on the park's Main Street and goes after them, prompting the trio to follow in tow. They followed the dinosaur and witness a straggling mercenary running for one of the helicopters and managed to avoid the T. rex, but still ends up eaten by the Mosasaurus.

Darius, Brooklynn and Yasmina then spotted another helicopter and follows it, hoping it is the one that carries the other campers. To their surprised, the copter they followed actually carries a couple of mercenaries and Dr. Wu. After overhearing his conversation the mercenaries, the trio surmised that Wu want to reclaim his private laptop that contains his research on the Scorpios rex so he could make more hybrid dinosaurs. In order to prevent this from happening, they decided to steal his laptop first in hopes of turning him in to the authorities to prevent more hybrids from being created.

After successfully acquiring the laptop in his private lab before they arrived, they later overheard that Wu needs the research to perfect the Scorpios rex into a much more stable hybrid at the request of a man named Mills. As they are leaving, Brooklynn is captured by Hawkes, but not before she hands Darius the laptop. Realizing that Darius and Yaz have the laptop with them, Hawkes gave them two hours to give him Wu's laptop in exchange for Brooklynn's safe return. Regrouping with the other campers and informing them of Brooklynn's situation, Darius devised a plan to give the laptop back to Wu, but with his research wiped from it. Using Sammy's flash drive from camp, they copied all of Wu's research onto it so they could give it to the authorities in Costa Rica to have him incarcerated. Darius then devised a plan on how they will give Wu's wiped laptop back, while Ben provides them a distraction with help from Bumpy's herd. While the laptop is in the process of wiping out all of Wu's research, Kenji, who is losing his patients and worried for Brooklynn's safety, decides to take the laptop himself and delivers it to Wu.

The following morning, as Kenji gives the laptop back to Wu and his mercenary, Darius and the campers succeeded in rescuing Brooklynn in the midst of an Ankylosaurus stampede staged by Ben and Bumpy, which resulted in Wu's laptop being destroyed. After rescuing Brooklynn, and saying their goodbyes to Bumpy as she leave them to join the Ankylosaurus herd, Darius and the campers finally left Isla Nublar for good and departed for Costa Rica on Mitch and Tiff's boat.


Darius is a withdrawn geekish kid who is passionate about dinosaurs. This interest he shares in common with his father Fredrick and what bonded them together. After his father's passing, Darius wanted to fulfill their shared dream of visiting Jurassic World. At first Darius has some trouble befriending the other campers due to being the youngest of the group and seemingly the only one interested in dinosaurs. Initially, Darius seems to conflict with the brash Kenji Kon. But after the two survived an encounter with Toro, the two had a begrudging respect for each other. Darius also seemed to not get along well with Brooklynn due to her disinterest in dinosaurs and focus on her social media, but the two would begin to bond after being saved from a quicksand pit. When the Indominus rex escaped and the children found themselves on their own, Darius took charge in leading them to survive. In spite of being unsure and not knowing what to do for every situation Darius displayed courageousness to protect the other kids, with the others (excluding Ben who was presumed dead) eventually telling him that he is the reason they have survived.

In season 2, Darius is still trying to be a leader of the otherss. He bonds more with his campers, particularly Kenji. This season however, shows him to be gullible and easily manipulated (to an extent), as he bonds with Mitch to the point that he refuses to believe that he and Tiffany are up to something, despite the others (Brooklyn in particular) being suspicious. He forms a fatherly bond with Mitch, which likely explains why he is easily manipulated by the latter. After learning that Mitch and Tiffany are hunters and villains, he expresses a lot of guilt for not listening to Brooklyn. His guilt over not saving Ben is still present. After being reunited with Ben, he is overjoyed that he is still alive.

Season 3 shows his leadership style continuing. His guilt over letting Ben goes is present to the point that he fights Ben because the latter wants to stay on the island, and even says that he would not abandon him again during their fight. By the end of the season however, his friendship with Kenji is strained, due to the latter being angry at him for putting Brooklyn's life at risk.


Darius has brown eyes, dark skin and black hair. He wears a yellow and black hooded jacket (appears in three episodes of Season 1) later it's been replaced by a white t-shirt after leaving it behind at the ruins of the bunkers and he wears it mostly during through Season 1 and 2 while stranded on Nublar. Also wears light blue jeans, black and white sneakers. Including wears a raptor tooth necklace (was mention in Things Fall Apart, that he left it behind at the camp during through the Indominus Rex Outbreak). Later in season 2, the necklace was discovered and recovered by Sammy in the debris. As of Season 3, his hair has grown more voluminous and in size, due to lack of resources on the island.

During through Season 3, Darius' sideburn haircuts have grown back while still stranded on Isla Nublar with the other campers.

In the episode "Safe Harbor" Darius wears a pair of yellow swim trunks. This may indicate that his favorite color is yellow.


  • Darius shares his surname with the Bowman Family - Cathy Bowman and her parents - from the original Jurassic Park novel and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.
  • Darius carrying a dinosaur tooth necklace may be a reference to Dr. Alan Grant and his signature raptor sickle claw from Jurassic Park. Like Dr. Grant, Darius loses his necklace on Isla Nublar.
    • Unlike Dr. Grant, Darius accidentally lost his necklace. Dr. Grant threw his raptor claw away, intentionally loosing it. And unlike Dr. Grant, Darius reclaimed his necklace.
  • Darius' signature color initially appears to be yellow/gold due to the jacket he initially wears. Yellow as a color has been associated with intelligence, honor, loyalty, joy, and optimism all of which describe Darius' personality.
  • Darius is very much interested in the researches of Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler as he was shown to keep tabs on their works and findings.
  • His yellow jacket bears a resemblance to the one worn by Dennis Nedry in the original Jurassic Park film.
  • Darius is 12 and the youngest of the group, confirmed by the novelization of the show.
  • Darius refers to Blue in "Escape from Isla Nublar" as the "blue raptor" because he and the other campers never learned her name or have a chance to meet Owen Grady, thanks to the Indominus rex breaking out and throwing the park into chaos.



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