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Darius Bowman is an African-American child and one of the campters of Jurassic World's Camp Cretaceous. He won the chance through beating a video game and went to Isla Nublar in the summer of 2015. Darius is the main protagonist in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. His character is voiced by Paul-Mikél Williams.


Camp Cretaceous

Sometime in the year 2015, Darius became the first player to beat a Jurassic World video game in the world. Winning the game won Darius the chance to attend "Camp Cretaceous", a summer camp program at Jurassic World.


Darius is a whip-smart but withdrawn kid who is very passionate about dinosaurs. This interest he shares in common with his father Fredrick and what bonded them together. After his father's passing, Darius wanted to fulfill their shared dream of visiting Jurassic World.  At first Darius has some trouble befriending the other campers due to being the youngest of the group and seemingly the only one interested in dinosaurs. Initially, Darius seems to conflict with the brash Kenji Kon. But after the two survived an encounter with Toro, the two had a begrudging respect for each other. Darius also seemed to not get along well with Brooklynn due to her disinterest in dinosaurs and focus on her social media.  When the Indominus rex escaped and the children found themselves on their own, Darius took charge in leading them to survive. In spite of being unsure and not knowing what to do for every situation Darius displayed courageousness to protect the other kids.


  • Darius shares his surname with the Bowman Family - Cathy Bowman and her parents - from the original Jurassic Park novel and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.
  • Darius carrying a dinosaur tooth necklace is similar to Dr. Alan Grant and his signature velociraptor sickle claw from Jurassic Park. Like Dr. Grant, Darius loses his necklace on Isla Nublar.
  • Darius' signature color initially appears to be yellow/gold due to the jacket he initially wears. Yellow as a color has been associated with intelligence, honor, loyalty, joy, and optimism which all describe Darius' personality.




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