Deinonycanis is part of the Chaos Effect toy line from Kenner. It is a mixture of Deinonychus and Canis dirus (better known as the Dire Wolf).

The idea behind Deinonycanis was to breed a hybrid that could be controlled by humans with ease, but, like all other experimental dinosaur hybrids, Deinonycanis used their enhanced sense of smell and hearing to track down and hunt their creators instead of obeying them. Deinonycanis are fast, smart, and very dangerous, with at least 7 of the pack hunters was created.


  • If translated literally, "Deinonycanis" translates to "Terrible Dog".
  • It can be noted that Deinonycanis looks similar to the Troodon seen in Jurassic Park: The Game.
  • A photo of an unnamed figure (pictured above and below) is believed to be Deinonycanis due to its similarities to a known sketch of the creature (pictured below).
  • It highly resembles the Indoraptor.


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