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Denise Roberts is a Biosyn employee, responsible for the ADS and air system from the Valley.


Jurassic World: Dominion[]

When Kayla Watts requests landing for freight delivery on Biosyn's valley, Denise refuses it, stating that Watts is carrying unauthorized passengers, i.e. Owen Grady and Claire Dearing. Watts insists, but Denise demands her to return to point of origin. Afterwards, Jeffrey calls Lewis Dodgson to warn him that these unauthorized passengers are Maisie's parents. Dodgson demands to shut off the ADS system, which led to a Quetzalcoatlus to attack Kayla’s cargo plane.

After Dodgson found out that Grant and Sattler got a locust sample from the restricted lab, he shuts down their hyperloop pod that was heading to the airfield. Denise announces that said pod stopped at the Amber Mines, and Ramsay tells Dodgson to send a security team for them, but Dodgson doesn't do it.

When a wildfire is caused by the burning locusts in the sanctuary, she declares an evacuation in the facility and announces that the dinosaurs were being remotely herded into the facility. She and other employees evacuated from the facility.


  • When Kayla is denied landing, she threatens Denise with revealing what "they did in Dubrovnik", hinting at a possible relationship in the past.