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Jurassic Park Series 1

Nedry received an action figure in the original Jurassic Park toyline. The figure does not resemble Nedry in the slightest, mainly due to the fact that the sculptor was asked to create the mold before the movie had even begun production and hence Nedry had not been actually cast.[1]

Jurassic Park Series 2

A more movie-accurate figure of Nedry was released as a part of the Jurassic Park Series 2 toy line. His figure came with a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus.

Jurassic World Amber Collection

Dennis Nedry appears in the Jurassic Wolrd Amer Collection as two froms; the standard set including Nedry, the dock sign and the Dilophosaurus, and as a Entertainment Earth exclusive with the Barbasol can and duffle bag.


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