Destroying the World is the first chapter of the Seventh Iteration. In this chapter, John Hammond and Dr. Ian Malcolm have an argument on whether or not the Earth could truly be destroyed.


The InGen Incident now over, Hammond returns to activity and says that disaster as been averted, to which a bedridden Dr. Malcolm asks Hammond what he means by "disaster". Hammond replies that the dinosaurs his company created could have escaped and overrun the world due to having no natural predators, thus destroying it, to which Malcolm is baffled by what Hammond believed.

This leads to them having a discussion about humanity’s ability, or inability, to destroy the planet. Ian contends humans may be able to destroy themselves, but the earth will remain alive despite what humans do to it. John contends that tears in the ozone layer and nuclear weapons could destroy the planet, and Ian says those effects might destroy the face of the current planet, but life on earth will sprout up again at some point.

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