Dick Kulpa is an owner of a tabloid company in New York City who attempted to pay people large sums of money to smuggle photographs of Isla Nublar's dinosaurs off of the island for use in his papers. He successfully convinced army men Bieber and Shandy to take these photographs, but they were caught by InGen scientists Abby Nakajima and Derrick Hoyle. The army men, however, blamed it on Abby, and almost got her sent off of the island permanently. However, once the photos had been recovered and after a long period spent agonizing over the true culprit of the case, General Bradford West, pretending to be Bieber, called Kulpa and asked for a twenty thousand dollar increase to their pay for the photos. Kulpa angrily declared that the men wouldn't get one cent more than they had been offered, before unknowingly letting it slip to the general that Bieber and Shandy were to blame for the crime, completely exonerating Abby from suspicion.

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