As Gerry and Laura have basic conversation, raptors are sneaking on them on the other side of the wall, yet they do not know. Laura soon asks if anybody has seen where her cigarettes have disappeared to. Jess suggests that they may have fell out when they jumped off the water tower. As Gerry and Laura walk around the corner, Jess stops for a minute, where she is seen holding the cigarettes.

Back at base camp, Nima tells Yoder that they need to meet with her contact because she does not know how long the embryos will last. Yoder says that they will stay where they are until Oscar gets back, when they suddenly feel the ground shake. A T-Rex appears, and they are to stand really still. The T-Rex is actually chasing a Parasaurolophus, but when the T-Rex reaches the camp, Yoder has to jump from the tree as the T-Rex throws scrap metal around, allowing the T-Rex to see him. Yoder and Nima run for their lives.


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