Upon finding the Barbasol canister in the mud, Miles reveals to Nima that it is not just shaving cream but that it contains dinosaur embryos. She then spots a Dilophosaurus behind Miles and when it spits in his face, he pulls out a gun and fires a few shots at it, scaring it into the jungle. Since it is not safe, Nima decides that they must leave so she returns to the jeep, starts the winch and gives it a push. The jeep suddenly crashes down the slope and into the tree ahead nearly crushing Miles who had been standing in its path. He begins to panic because the lights are out and the Dilophosaurs are nearby. Nima tells him to shut up and that she has a plan to start the car but when the jeep won't start she must fix the loose battery cable. After the lights turn on they are chased into the roadway and surrounded by Dilophosaurs. Miles attempts to distract them by pushing Nima towards them but he is attacked instead. Nima gets up and runs for the jeep, fighting off the Dilophosaurs. She starts it up and reverses, but in a panic crashes into another tree. She is attacked again by the Dilophosaurus but they are suddenly scared off. Nima then discovers that Miles is dead and takes the canister. After being bitten by a Troodon she runs into the bush.