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The Dilophosaur Paddock was one of the first paddocks encountered on the tour. It housed seven Dilophosaurus, although it presumably housed more in the movie. It was also originally going to have the Jurassic River Ride go through it, but the ride was cancelled partially because of the fact that the Dilophosaurus kept spitting their venom at the rafts. It is located close by to the main road to the East Docks. The paddock was very poorly constructed, as the area was enclosed by dense foliage, so it was hard to see the Dilophosaurus hidden among the foliage giving them an advantage when stalking prey.


  • Originally within the Novel canon, the Dilophosaur Paddock was placed farther on the island and was bordered between large moutain which on the other side was the Tyrannosaurs' Paddock. Across a river it was also neighbored by the Baryonyx's Paddock.
  • Seen in the brochure map from the film there are 3 different Dilophosaur Paddock that go around the park meaning that Jurassic Park had housed more Dilophosaurs than usual.


The Enclosure in Jurassic Park: The Game

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