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Dimorphodon ("two-form tooth") is a pterosaur believed to belong to the family Rhamphorhynchoidea from the Early Jurassic Period of southern England. The species is unique among pterosaurs because it has two types of teeth like that of a mammal.

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Unlike the original Dimorphodon, their wingspan was one meter longer than the originals, and they were said to be able to use their back legs for grasping objects like the cloned Pteranodon.[1] The clones could also fly better than the original animal, which could only fly in short bursts. They also have angular skulls, as opposed to the rounded skull of the original animal. Their colors were blue-ish gray or green on top and mostly gray on the stomach with pink or red on its face. On the neck and back, they have thick pycnofibers that all pterosaurs had in real life but is rare in InGen's cloned pterosaurs, although later depictions in Jurassic World media like in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous lack these pycnofibres.


Dimorphodon are known to be small critters toward humans or dinosaurs. They coexists with the Pteranodons as they are both resided within the Aviary of Jurassic World. Poachers from the mainland would capture Dimorphodons to be illegal pets, though the pterosaur is apparently tameable if highly trained by a specialist. In Camp Cretaceous, the Dimorphodons are very protective of their nests and will chase any intruders that wander into their nesting ground.



Dimorphodon was originally planned to be an attraction for the original Jurassic Park with 36% of its genome being completed before it was put on hold.[2] The pterosaur was recreated by InGen for the Masrani Global Corporation owned dinosaur park Jurassic World.[3]

Dimorphodon lived in The Aviary as neighbors to the larger Pteranodon.[3][1][4]

Jurassic World[]

Isla Nublar Incident (2015)[]


A Dimorphodon attacking park visitors.

During the rampage of Jurassic World's latest attraction Indominus rex, all the residents in the Aviary, including Dimorphodon, were freed when the Indominus rex broke into the Aviary in its rampage, creating a large opening the Aviary. The pterosaurs then escaped and wreaked havoc on the island. A mixed flock of Dimorphodon and Pteranodon traveled to the Main Street of Jurassic World where they attacked the human visitors in the area, when Gray, Zach and Zara were stuck in the Main Street. Several of the small pterosaurs raided Winston's Steakhouse to feed on the grilling meat and several of the diners. Gray attempted to run to safety but this almost led to him being decapitated by a Dimorphodon but luckily Zach pulled him back just in time. One Dimorphodon attempted to attack Owen Grady by pouncing on him and tried to maul his face but it was shot down by Claire Dearing who picked up a dropped gun.[3]

One Dimorphodon managed to fly out of Isla Nublar, but was soon sniped by an InGen Soldier who saw it flying when he was being transported to the island. After the incident, any remaining Dimorphodon were flying wildly on the island.[3]

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 3[]

View from the Top[]

When Brooklynn and Yaz head up to the Gondola Lift, While Brooklynn was picking the lock, Yaz find rock until she was shocked at what she found, when Brooklynn got the lock off she went to Yaz and wondered what was wrong and she picked up an egg and informed her that these aren’t rocks, they’re eggs, seeing dozens of them, then a Dimorphodon started and Yaz set the egg down and told Brooklynn "Back to the gondolas!" and tried to warn Kenji andSammy, but the Dimorphodon cut them off. Then Sammy and Kenji heard a roar, looked over the edge and saw another Dimorphodon fly up, land on the gondola, climb down and corners them while getting closer. Sammy and Kenji’s Dimorphodon begins calling out, then Yaz and Brooklynn’s does the same, Yaz asks "Why is it doing that?", then they hundreds of Dimorphodons flying over the gondola. After the rest others arrive, Yaz and Brooklynn’s Dimorphodon resumes attacking by jumping on the stair rails trying to eat Brooklynn with running away and it chasing her. While Sammy and Kenji’s Dimorphodon gets closer, it tries to pounce but they both dodge it. Then it tries chasing Sammy but she throws a chair at it. As Kenji and Sammy wait for the gondola to arrive, the Dimorphodon gets back up, as the gondola arrives it resumes attacking. Once Sammy and Kenji get in the gondola it gets its head stuck trying to attack, but Kenji kicks it in the face knocking it out. As it tries attacking again the gondola doors close stopping it from entering. As two Dimorphodons begin closing in on Yaz and Brooklynn, a single Dimorphodon tries to attack them but fails and resumes flying with its flock. As the two Dimorphodons continues closing in on Brooklynn and Yaz while leading them to the cliff. They realize they have no choice and they grab the paraglider and jump while one of the Dimorphodons tries to attack but missies and watches them go down the cliff. As the flock flies over the gondola, Yaz and Brooklynn begin flying the paraglider, as Sammy and Kenji are to see they are safe, the Dimorphodon flock begins flying after Yaz and Brooklynn, a few try attack Sammy and Kenji but fail and resume to follow the others. As Ben, Darius, and Bumpy watch the flock chase after Brooklynn and Yaz, they begin to gain on them. Before they could strike, the girls lean left to dodge some of them and then lean right to dodge the others. Yaz says "Head for that cloud.", as three Dimorphodons chase after them, they fly into the cloud, losing them, and forcing them to give up. As they believe they lost them, a Dimorphodon bursts through the paraglider causing the girls to lose control and begin to crash. As the Dimorphodon tries to as they are crashing, they start getting closer to the ground and the Dimorphodon manages to escape before it could hit the tree. Ben warns Darius, as the a Dimorphodon dives down trying to attack Darius, Ben pushes him down and they dodge it’s attack, but not it decides to fly back around and attack again. As it gets closer, Bumpy pushes out of the way and knocks it down, as it gets up and tries to attack, it sees that it has to deal with Ben, Darius and Bumpy, so it decides to fly away.

Season 5[]

Out of the Pack[]

Limbo and a Dimorphodon later captured by Mantah Corp, and implanted with a mind control chip and brought to Daniel's Penthouse. As Daniel and Lewis talk about getting the control chips, they control and get Limbo to speak. As the Dimorphodon roars along with Limbo.

Clean Break[]

As the Dimorphodon and Toro are ready to be loaded inside the cargo trucks to be shipped to the island. Mae feeds both Toro and the Dimorphodon. Then she checks out the Dimorphodon and informs Daniel Kon that they’re feed and ready to be loaded.

The Core[]

As they arrive, Kenji and the others begin unloading Toro, the Dimorphodon, Limbo, and Bumpy off the cargo trucks.


Hawkes, Godinez and The twins take control and have Toro, Dimorphodon, Limbo, and Bumpy go take them to the Jungle biome.

The Last Stand[]

As Toro rams and breaks through the door, the Dimorphodon, Limbo, and Asset 87 enter the Forest Biome. As Godinez and one of the twins with Limbo and Dimorphodon search for the campers. Ben and Brooklynn on Bumpy get them distracted. Limbo and the Dimorphodon chase after them, the campers and Bumpy trick them into running into the wall. As Big Eatie hears the threat getting closer, she warns the other dinosaurs to prepare for battle. As, the Dimorphodon flys with the other mind controlled dinosaurs and reach the watering hole. As the Dimorphodon flies around, as Daniel tries negotiation, but fails, so he orders Hawkes and the others to activate the dinosaurs. The Dimorphodon dives and knocks down Darius, as it begins to attack, Darius kicks it in the face allowing him to escape. The Dimorphodon flys over to help Spinosaurus being attacked by two Velociraptors with one of the raptors jumping off and attacking the Dimorphodon. As they both fight, the Dimorphodon flies away and the raptor chases after it. As, the Dimorphodon and the raptor continue to fight, Godinez has Limbo assist the Dimorphodon in attacking one of the raptors. Later, Sammy runs over to Firecracker to keep her safe, until the Dimorphodon swoops over and begins attacking them, until Yaz jumps in and holds it off while they escape. The Dimorphodon flies in and helps Toro fight Little Eatie by attacking over head. As the Dimorphodon is about to attack again, Kenji lures a flock of Pteranodons, which one knocks the Dimorphodon down and begins fighting the it, and a Pteranodon grabs one of The twins causing him to drop his controller, Little Eatie stepping on it and thus freeing the Dimorphodon. As the Dimorphodon begins attacking the girls, a Pteranodon jumps and attacks causing the Dimorphodon to retreat. Then, Daniel pulls out his own and as the Dimorphodon attacks Darius and Kenji, he regains control over him including Limbo, Dimorphodon and Toro and has them attack Little Eatie. The Spinosaurus claws, shoves and hits her in the face with his tail, before the Dimorphodon attacks over head and Toro knocks her to the ground. Then they all roar at Little Eatie at the same time before Big Eatie arrives, takes out Limbo, knocks away Toro and the Dimorphodon and begins fighting Asset 87.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

Dimorphodon populations continued to survive on Isla Nublar. Some Dimorphodon appeared on a news cam report showcasing the pterosaur attack on Jurassic World's Main Street during the Jurassic World Incident.

Although no Dimorphodon were seen being taken to Lockwood Manor, some individuals managed to survive the Eruption of Mt. Sibo and end up on the mainland, suggesting that they may have managed to escape the island by flying off the island themselves.[5]

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Season 1[]

Into the Fog[]

At least two Dimorphodon were captured and contained by Dudley Cabrera to be taken to The Broker.

The End of the Beginning[]

When Mateo attempt to rescue the Nublar Six from the Atrociraptors by driving its truck into the warehouse, it caused disturbance against the caged animals that were housed there, including the two Dimorphodons. However, they did not escape from their cage due to their small size and kept screeching as other big dinosaurs broke free. The Dimorphodons were presumably rescued by real members of the DPW afterwards.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

By 2022, the Department of Prehistoric Wildlife had confirmed sightings of Dimorphodon in Miyajima Japan, Bali Indonesia, and Perth Australia. The DPW noted Dimorphodon being a common species to be illegally kept as pets.[6]

By 2022, the Department of Fish and Wildlife disrupted an illegal Dimorphodon breeding market. Later that year, multiple Dimorphodon were being sold within the Amber Clave Night Market, with one man holding a Dimorphodon on his hand with a falconry glove. Some of these cages were knocked over by Rainn Delacourt in his attempt to escape Owen Grady. It is likely that these Dimorphodons escaped from their cages and reside in the wild after Biosyn’s collapse.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 3[]

Season 5[]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Season 1[]

Jurassic World: Dominion[]


Promotional Images[]

Jurassic World[]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Jurassic World: Dominion[]


Behind the scenes[]

Dimorphodon JW (43)

Head sculptures of Dimorphodon.

Dimorphodon's appearance in Jurassic World is similar to the portrayal of Anurognathus in the ITV series Primeval, which is a small pterosaur from the Jurassic like Dimorphodon that attacks humans in flocks.

Patrick Crowley, the producer of Jurassic World, has said that he is a "big fan" of Dimorphodon.[7] It, along with the Mosasaurus, was also a favorite animal of Colin Trevorrow, the director of the film, as well.[8]


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