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The Dino Decoder is a brain scanning device that appears in Jurassic World: Live Tour.


Jurassic World: Live Tour

The Dino Decoder is a device created by InGen and was used to read the brain frequencies of Dinosaurs and determine their emotions, temperments and feelings, however it never made it out of prototype status. Because of this, the Dino Decoder is only compatible with the parks Troodon, Jeannie. The Dino Decoder was rescued during the Isla Nublar evacuation in 2015 to be completed for military use amongst test subjects. When Dr. Kate Walker and her friends break into the secret base in Chile, both Jeannie and the Dino Decoder are brought back to Nublar to find Jeannie's eggs. When they leave, it is unknown what happens to the Dino Decoder.