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"Claire, be careful. We're not on an island anymore."
Owen Grady(src)

The 2018 Dinosaur Outbreak was an incident where several dinosaurs from Isla Nublar were released from Lockwood Manor into California and the southeastern continental United States after the failure of the Lockwood Manor Auction earlier that evening, as well as the escape of the Indoraptor and his eventual death after killing several people in the house.

Species involved

According to Eli Mills and other characters, over eleven species were rescued and transported from Isla Nublar to Lockwood Manor, possibly excluding Blue.[1] The exact numbers of each species, however, are unknown.

Species confirmed to have escaped

The single Indoraptor died in the incident. In addition to the above listed species, a single Mosasaurus was accidentally released from Nublar six months after Jurassic World shut down. In addition to at least three Pteranodons captured by Mills' team, numerous Pteranodons and Dimorphodons were witnessed leaving Nublar's destruction behind. A single Stygimoloch was let out of her cage by Owen and Claire much earlier than all of the other dinosaurs, which led to her sabotaging the auction before fleeing into the forest.[1]

Meanwhile, Wheatley came into the ruined auction and encountered the Indoraptor. He tried to tranquilize the hybrid to get a tooth, but the hybrid tricked and subsequently killed him. Eversoll managed to reach the elevator to escape, but the Indoraptor managed to get out of the cage and charged towards the elevator to get him and 3 other auction attendees. However, the door closed just in time, only for the Indoraptor to hit the button with his tail (which may or may not have been intentional), opening the elevator before he slaughtered Eversoll along with the auction attendees. With the Indoraptor having broken loose, he mauled two of Mills' men to death in the tunnels before hunting Owen, Claire and Maisie around the Lockwood Manor. Maisie manage to flee, running to her bedroom and hiding in her bed, but the hybrid dinosaur eventually found her and tried to attack her, only for Owen to show up and shoot him, to no avail. Before the Indoraptor could have his way with the human, Blue appeared and fought the hybrid, giving Owen and Maisie the chance to escape. After being thrown/knocked out a window, the Indoraptor cornered the two humans. Claire finally appeared with a gun, pointing the laser at Owen. She triggers the gun to make the Indoraptor attack Owen (as per the hybrid's conditioning), with the human barely dodging the assault, while the Indoraptor almost fell through the glass, only to pull himself to safety. As the hybrid prepared to attack and kill Owen, Blue returned, pouncing on the Indoraptor as they both plunged down into the dinosaur fossil museum. The Indoraptor ultimately got impaled by the horns of an Agujaceratops skull and died, leaving Blue victorious.

There was one last problem remaining; while Webb and Zia were rescuing Blue, two mercenaries tried to stop them but Zia freed Blue anyway. One mercenary carried Dr. Wu safely away and Blue ate away at the mercenary with the taser. Another mercenary armed with a machine gun was hit by Blue's tail causing him to misfire and cause a gas leak leading to a terrific explosion. This resulted in toxic gas leaking into the dinosaur holding cells. Although Claire wanted to take responsibility by letting the gas kill the dinosaurs, Maisie managed to free the dinosaurs, who escaped from the Lockwood Manor. Mills tried to escape with the Indominus rex DNA sample so he can create more hybrids, only to be devoured by Rexy the Tyrannosaurus rex after his getaway vehicle is totaled by the escaping dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus let out a roar in victory before walking towards the forest as her foot crushed the Indominus bone, thus putting an end to the creation of all future hybrid dinosaurs. Humans must now learn to coexist with dinosaurs, entering a new era.

People involved

Dinosaur Protection Group





  • Although "eleven species" is suggested twice in the film (although it is important to note that both times it is suggested more are possible),[1] at least twenty are witnessed at Lockwood Manor in the film, and the Mosasaurus makes for twenty-three surviving species, although this is still significantly fewer than the total species glimpsed in the franchise and InGen's List.
  • It's unknown if any other known reliving species like Ceratosaurus, Teratophoneus, Peloroplites, Monolophosaurus, Ouranosaurus, and Tarbosaurus were also saved offscreen from Isla Nublar before its destruction or if they had fallen back into extinction like Edmontosaurus and Metriacanthosaurus.[2][3]
  • For any of these animals to have a significant impact in the area, at least one actively breeding pair of each animal must have escaped the mansion. Currently, the species that have only one known rescued individual are the Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, and Mosasaurus.
  • It is unknown if Nasutoceratops was saved offscreen, because it's not on Arcadia's manifest nor listed as an attraction on Jurassic World. It is suggested it was recreated after dinosaurs became open source due to the Lockwood Auction. One year after the incident, a pair with a infant (the first born in U.S. soil) were seen foraging at one of the Big Rock National Park's camping ground.[4]
  • Despite the dinosaurs' escape into the mainland, they still have their tracking implants. However, this only applies to the animals born during Jurassic World and not to the cubs born after 2015 or later.
  • It is unknown if any Nublar Dilophosaurus were saved, as the ones seen in Dominion were a Biosyn variant.
  • Some dinosaurs that escaped from the Manor were relocated to Biosyn's sanctuary, captured by poachers, or remained in the surrounding area.[5]