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"The lights around it go dark, and a puff of smoke rises from the base. Above in the cylinder, blueish light surrounds a dark mass. Thornlike spikes protrude along one side. The blueish light dims."
- Audio description from Step One

E750 is a frozen creature, most likely a dinosaur, held in InGen's secret tunnels. Its purpose and future in Season 3 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous are currently unknown. It is later stated that the creature is going to be another hybrid[1], and it's official name is "Scorpius Rex".[2]


Not much is seen of its appearance, however it seems to sport a spiked tail accompanied by quills, feathers or perhaps a set of small sharp teeth. The frozen tube appears to be quite small, indicating the creature is small or has not completed its growth. However, loud footsteps were heard after it was released, suggesting it was a large animal (at least when fully grown). It may be shown in the future episodes. But for now, the appearance is a mystery.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

The animal is first mentioned in a folder belonging to scientists Eddie and Henry Wu.

Later, Kenji Kon repeatedly clicked a button that short-circuited the creature's containment tube, causing the cryogenic chamber to heat up and crack open.

After the deaths of Mitch and Tiff, a Compsognathus ripped through a cable which contributed to keeping it frozen. E750's screech/roar is later heard as the screen goes black, presumably as it breaks free, roaming through the island.

There may have been many attempts to create the Scorpius rex, as the the notes that Brooklynn holds in "The Watering Hole" had incrementing numbers on each page: 1309, 1310, 1311 and, much later in notes, E750.

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