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Echo was one of the Velociraptors that were being trained by Owen Grady during Jurassic World. She was the third oldest of the four raptors.

Physical Appearance[]

In the film Jurassic World, Echo is brown with dark blue striping as well as having dark blue around her eyes. The most noticeable trait is the scar on the left side of her muzzle. Because of the dark blue around her eyes, she can easily be confused for her packmate Blue. The difference between the two raptors is that Blue's striping does not fully cover her eyes, her blue coloration whom she is named after is brighter, and Blue's stripe has white in it.

On the Jurassic World website, her coloration is almost identical to the movie except that the dark blue in her skin is fainter than her on-screen appearance.

In the LEGO Jurassic World toyline and the LEGO Jurassic World game, Echo is orange with dark green markings from head to tail and light blue stripes on the green markings.

In Hasbro's Jurassic World toy line, Echo has two variations. Her basic Raptor figure has orange-brown skin with lime striping and lacks the sickle claw that members of her species have. Echo's "Growler" figure is lime with yellow stripes. Both figures lack her signature scar.

In the promotional image for her pack featured on the packets of Jurassic World fruit snacks and in The Park is Open, Echo has a bright gold color.



Echo was created by InGen for the IBRIS Project[1] where she was the third Velociraptor created for the facility.[2] When she was born, Owen Grady imprinted on her, which allowed him to train her.[1] In her youth, she battled Blue for control of the park's Velociraptor pack, however Blue was the victor. Echo gained a scar across her face from the encounter[3][4] and her jaw became permanently offset.[4] Due to her permanent sneer, some of the Jurassic World dinosaur handlers nicknamed her "Elvis".[3] [4]

Jurassic World Incident[]

Just before the incident occurred, Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie were being trained by Owen in their paddock. After the pig used to lure them escaped its holding pen, Leon, a newly hired Jurassic World employee, tried to capture it, but Echo managed to snatch the pig in her jaws, causing Leon to fall into the paddock. Before the raptors could pounce on the handler however, they were thwarted by their trainer in time to save Leon's life.

Echo and her packmates were later used to stop the genetic hybrid Indominus rex's rampage. However, Echo and her packmates were able to communicate with the hybrid, which ordered them to attack the humans following them. She and Delta then arrive back at the compound and attack the mobile veterinarian vehicle (MVU-12) Claire Dearing and the Mitchell brothers were hiding in. After Delta kills an InGen Soldier, Echo lunges through the driver's side window and tries to kill Claire but ends up falling out. They then continue their pursuit of the vehicle on foot. Echo tried to attack the driver's side again, but is driven into a tree by Claire.[1]

They later caught up with Owen, Claire, Gray, and Zach, and reinstated Owen as their pack alpha. When the Indominus ordered them to attack again, they instead followed Owen's orders. However, the two were overwhelmed by the hybrid. Delta was thrown into the Winston's Steakhouse Grill and burned alive while Echo was snatched by the hybrid's jaws and flung away.[1]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

In 2018, Echo, as already stated to be thrown away, was confirmed dead, alongside Delta and Charlie. Blue is the last surviving raptor of the pack. The only time she, Charlie, and Delta are shown alive, is in a video of her and her pack being trained by Owen as infants.[5]



Although they are not seen interacting much in the film, it is assumed that Blue and Echo cooperated with each other. In their youth, however, Blue and Echo fought for dominance over the pack. Blue was victorious, and Echo earned a scar across her face and an offset jaw.[3][4][5] Nonetheless, Echo respected Blue and tried to avenge her with Delta after the Indominus rex seemingly killed her. Sadly, both raptors were overpowered and killed.[1]


While they don't interact much in the film, it is assumed that Delta and Echo have a respectful relationship. They are shown to work together, such as when they attacked Claire and the Mitchell brothers in the MVU-12 vehicle. After Blue was seemingly killed by Indominus, Echo and Delta worked together to try and avenge her, but both were overpowered and ultimately killed.[1]


Echo and Charlie have always stuck together as the two youngest raptor siblings. Echo was teaching Charlie how to hunt. Despite having a nice relationship in childhood, as adults, they liked to tease each other, but always reconciled afterwards.


Promotion Images[]

Jurassic World[]

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Behind the scenes[]

Because several scenes where Delta and Echo are together are in darkness, fans often get the two confused. The most notable instance is that it was originally thought that Echo was the one that became incinerated. This, however, is not the case, as the raptor tossed by the Indominus is brown with blue striping. The only raptor with this coloration is Echo, meaning that it was Delta that got burned. It was also initially believed that it was Blue who participated in chasing MVU-12 due to the similarities between Echo and Blue, though this can be proven to be Echo due to the fact that the raptor who attacks the driver's side of the medical vehicle has dark brown skin instead of grey and the blue in her color scheme being not as bright, lacking white, and fully circling the eye orbit. But most notably is that the raptor that attacked the Claire on the road loses her camera afterward, whereas Blue still possessed her camera when she encounters the protagonists in Main Street. Another, yet not as major of a discrepancy in the same sequence, was that it was initially believed that Echo was the one tazed by the Mitchell brothers. But the raptor in question is green instead of brown, Echo's distinct blue markings, and most importantly, still has her head camera. This means it was Delta that was tazed.

It was believed by some fans that Echo survived the fight with the Indominus rex because Blue was tossed by the Indominus similarly and survived, but this is doubtful. One reason is because one must consider Indominus rex to have the most powerful bite. With a bite force capable of breaking through aluminum oxynitride glass that is thick enough to stop a .50-caliber bullet, Indominus is, without question, able to crush a human-sized animal with little to no effort. Another thing is when she was grabbed, Echo was punctured by the sharp teeth of the Indominus rex. This, combined with the excessive bite force, would've instantly killed Echo. Another cited theory is the Velociraptor vocalizations that can be heard in the background as Blue disappears from Main Street. However, it is safe to assume that it was only Blue calling out, as there is no actual proof that Blue wasn't the only survivor. Interestingly, in a storyboard of the Main Street fight there are two raptors that are shown alive and watching the Indominus rex nearly kill the T. rex of Isla Nublar.[6] Later on, this theory would be debunked due to Echo's death being confirmed by the Dinosaur Protection Group.

Echo is flung by the Indominus rex in a very similar way the T. rex of Isla Nublar flung The Big One in Jurassic Park. Like the raptor that was killed first by the Tyrannosaurus before The Big One, there is a goof where Echo briefly disappears while in her attacker's jaws. Also, during the scene with Echo and Delta chasing after Claire, Gray, and Zach in MVU-12, it shows Claire looking at the rear view mirror and seeing Echo, much like in the first film where Robert Muldoon looks at the rear view mirror while the Tyrannosaurus rex is chasing the jeep he is driving.


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