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Eddie was a minor character in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. He was voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

Eddie was one of Dr. Henry Wu's assistants at the genetics lab. He was first seen working alongside Wu when Dave and Roxie brought Brooklynn, Ben Pincus, Sammy Gutierrez and Yasmina Fadoula to the facility for a tour while Kenji Kon and Darius Bowman were cleaning Dino poop back at camp as punishment for sneaking into the Velociraptor pen the night before. Later, after the kids escaped from the Indominus rex in an Asset Containment Unit van, they found their way to the Creation Lab and sought refuge inside along with Bumpy. Eddie was the only one present. It was his birthday and he was celebrating it by himself all alone in the darkened lab, complete with a birthday cake and party hat.

Eddie gets attacked

Eddie moments before getting eaten by the I. rex.

He refused to help the children, despite being the only adult present. Upon learning they'd arrived in a vehicle, he immediately abandoned them and ran outside. Kenji had left the keys in the ignition, allowing Eddie to steal the van and drive off in it. Yaz ran after him, but he outdistanced her. Suddenly, the I. rex appeared and sideswiped the van, knocking it off the road. Eddie attempted to get out, but the hybrid circled around, forcing him to get back inside. She thrust her snout in through the open driver's side door, and Eddie climbed into the back, escaping out through the rear doors and climbing under the vehicle to hide.

The Indominus, however flipped the van over, exposing Eddie, and she immediately ate him.

Season 2[]

After stumbling on a picture of Wu and Eddie, Brooklynn mentions Eddie telling them about the other guys not knowing what was going on. They also find his stale birthday cake within the lab.

Season 3[]

Eddie makes a brief appearance in a video when Brooklynn and Sammy investigate the mystery of the E750.


Eddie, when first shown, seemed to be an obedient scientist working with Dr. Wu, but later, after being abandoned by his coworkers, became heavily paranoid if not crazy. He was also quite pessimistic and bitter, making a big deal about not getting rescued. He appeared to be trusted by Wu, since he knew what was really going on in the lab, but it was hinted he was disloyal and possibly a mole, since he claimed he worked for “other guys.” Ultimately, Eddie proved himself to be a coward, as he abandoned the children and stole their van, without any regrets, one may add.


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  • Eddie's birthday is the same day as the Jurassic World incident.
  • He is similar to the character of Ed Regis in the original novel and Donald Gennaro in the first film, who also abandoned children in a crisis. But whereas Regis and Gennaro ran in a blind panic without thinking, Eddie made a rational decision to take the van and drive off without the kids, making him arguably even more of a coward than them.
  • Ironically, Eddie had the opposite personality of Eddie Carr, who sacrificed his life to save Ian, Nick, and Sarah from falling off the cliff.
  • It was hinted that Eddie was a spy, since he said he worked for the “other guys,” and was later hinted in Season 2 to have access to E750, a mysterious room with an undisclosed project. Brooklynn even speculates if he was working for Mantah Corp.
  • In one storyboard pitch, he was originally going to be killed by Toro instead of the I. rex, and in a different fashion where instead of Toro knocking the van over to exposed him, the Carnotaurus would grabbed him by one of his foot and yanked him out then eat him out of view, ending with his party hat falling to the ground as a dark humor.
    • If this was kept in the finalized version, Eddie would have been the first human in the series to be killed by Toro, and the first human in the film canon to be killed by a Carnotaurus.




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