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Edmontosaurus was a large herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period. Its name means "Edmonton lizard" after the location of its discovery (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). Several genera have been reclassified as junior synonyms of Edmontosaurus, said genera includes Anatosaurus, Anatotitan, and probably Ugrunaaluk.

Edmontosaurus is part of the Hadrosauridae, or duckbill family of dinosaurs, who are known for their distinctive teeth - or as paleontologists call it, their "dental battery". On each side of the jaw are three rows of sixty or more perfectly interlocking teeth.

Edmontosaurus ate plants and had to be on constant alert for predators such as Tyrannosaurus, Dakotaraptor, and Acheroraptor. Edmontosaurus could not outrun any of the meat-eaters and had to rely on outmaneuvering them - like a crafty football player - and traveling in large herds, where there was safety in numbers.[2]

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Edmontosaurus

Jurassic Park franchise[]

Edmontosaurus appeared in the Dinopedia section of Jurassic Park Institute alongside its synonyms, Anatotitan and Anatosaurus.



Edmontosaurus was created on Isla Sorna for the original park. Four of them were on Isla Sorna and released into the wild when Hurricane Clarissa struck the island.[3] It is unknown what happened to these individuals, as none were seen during the 1997 incident on Sorna.

Jurassic World[]

Edmontosaurus was created by InGen for Masrani Global Corporation's new dinosaur park Jurassic World. The Edmontosaurus clones on the website didn't have the fleshy comb on their heads like one of the original species and were based off the second species E. annectens. The painting had a tan body with dark brown stripes, a white tail covered in brown stripes, a lime green head with red crests above their eyes and yellow beak, though its true appearance in the park is unknown.

Edmontosaurus lived in the Gallimimus Valley.[4]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

Edmontosaurus went under cruelty and then fell back into extinction after the Isla Nublar Incident of 2015 by unknown cause.[5][6]

It remains unknown if any Edmontosaurus DNA were retrieved by the mercenaries or if any specimens were successfully rescued before the eruption on Isla Nublar.

A skeleton of Edmontosaurus was seen in the Lockwood Manor for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


Behind the scenes[]


An Edmontosaurus skull can be seen to the left of this image.

A hadrosaur skull can be seen among the pile of bones in the Tyrannosaurus rex nest in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park Legacy members long concluded that it belonged to the genus Anatotitan, which is now classified as Edmontosaurus annectens.[7] As Edmontosaurus was known to live on Isla Sorna during the events of the film, it is highly likely that this skull belongs to one of the four cloned individuals of the species.


Edmontosaurus in the Jurassic World storyboard.

In the Jurassic World, Edmontosaurus was to appear in the film living alongside a mixed herd of Parasaurolophus. This herd was to be viewed in an earlier version of the Gondola Lift.[8]


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