Ellen Bowman was the mother of Tina Bowman. She has appeared only in the first Jurassic Park novel. Ellen Bowman was 30 years old in 1989, meaning that she was probably born sometime around 1959. She is described as being very slim and beautiful, yet she is always obsessing over her looks. For example; she often complains about how she thinks that she needs to lose weight, even though her husband often reassures her and, in fact, thinks that she is too skinny. She wouldn't let her own daughter run off and play, due to an irrational fear of snakes. However, after Tina was bitten by a Procompsognathus and taken to a hospital in Costa Rica, Ellen is very worried about her daughter.

However, Martin "Marty" Guitierrez, a local lizard expert, assures her that Tina has suffered from a severe allergic reaction to the bite of a common Basiliscus amoratus, and nothing more severe. Then, along with Mike Bowman, she takes Tina back home.

Ellen was not featured in the 1993 film adaptation of the novel. But in the The Lost World film, a similar character named Deirdre Bowman appeared, as well as her husband, named Paul Bowman and their daughter, named Cathy Bowman.

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