Elvis was an adult male Parasaurolophus that was one of the dinosaurs that were supposed to go to the new Jurassic Park in San Diego. Elvis was captured by the InGen Hunters during the events of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Elvis received his nickname from Roland Tembo , who found himself incapable of pronouncing "Parasaurolophus". Tembo also mistook Elvis for a Corythosaurus due to the wind whipping the pages rapidly in Roland’s specimen packet. Near the end of the Game Trail harvest, Dieter Stark and Carter chased down Elvis in their modified Jeep. Dieter moved out into the Jeep’s outrigger, which was the extendable seat in the vehicle, and tranquilized the Parasaurolophus with a Dan-Inject JM Standard. As Elvis slowed down, the rest of the harvesters crowded him with snare poles where they successfully brought Elvis down after little resistance. Fortunately, Elvis escaped along with the other dinosaurs thanks to Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen.


  • Elvis was intended to be a Corythosaurus (mispellt as Carninthosaurus) in the shooting script.
  • In certain tie-in materials, Elvis is indeed a Corythosaurus rather then a Parasaurolophus.



Jurassic Park Parasaurolophus "Elvis" Sound Effects

Jurassic Park Parasaurolophus "Elvis" Sound Effects



  • Elvis got his nickname due to the crest atop his head, which vaguely resembles Elvis Presley's famous hairdo.
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