Enrique Cardoso was a Costa Rican boat captain who operated an illegal parasailing trip around Isla Sorna called Dino-Soar.

While giving an illegal tour of Isla Sorna to Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby, he and his co-captain mysteriously disappeared as the boat passed through a thick fog.

The boat then crashed into some rocks, but not before Ben and Eric were able to detach their sail from the boat and fly freely onto the island.


  • In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm was speaking to a Spanish operator. After apparently angering him, he said that felt sorry for "that guy Enrique". It is unknown if that Enrique was the same one seen here.
  • It is never explicitly stated what kills the Dino-Soar crew. The most likely culprit is that the semi-aquatic Spinosaurus killed them. Right as Enrique gets close to a river basin on the island, you hear loud footsteps and a splash into the water, right as heavy waves hit the boat. The boat is then violently shaken and largely destroyed, with both men gone. The amount of damage to the boat and the speed with which the men were killed and eaten is a strong indicator that the Spinosaurus did this, as well as the fact that the Spinosaurus would attack humans unprovoked and was also shown to be capable of destroying boats later on. Other fans have speculated it was the Tylosaurus from Jurassic Park: The Game or Pteranodons.[1]


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