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Eolambia was a genus of large, herbivorous dinosaur that was closely related to the duck-billed hadrosaurs, although despite initial classifications, it is not considered to be a direct member of the group. It was large for its family, at around six metres (twenty feet) and is also considered to be quite advanced. Like all members of its family, it was a herbivore.  It contains a single species, E. caroljonesa, named by paleontologist James Kirkland in 1998. The type specimen of Eolambia was discovered by Carole and Ramal Jones in 1993; the species name honors Carole. Since then, hundreds of bones have been discovered from both adults and juveniles, representing nearly every element of the skeleton. All of the specimens have thus far been found in Emery County, Utah, in a layer of rock known as the Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain FormationEolambia would have lived in a forested environment at the edge of lakes in a humid floodplain environment, feeding on gymnosperms, ferns, and flowering plants. The water levels in the lakes changed over time with cyclical wet and dry spells caused by the precession of the Earth, reflected by alternating bands in the sediments of the Mussentuchit Member. As a juvenile, Eolambia would have been preyed upon by large crocodylomorphs residing in the lake waters. With increasing age, however, they became impervious to the crocodylomorphs, and mature individuals (at least eight to nine years in age) were preyed on by large theropods such as the neovenatorid Siats.

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Jurassic Park franchise

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Jurassic World: The Game

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Eolambia appears in Jurassic World: The Game as a VIP herbivore.