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Raised banners on the jetty.[1]

The Ferry Landing is the dock where new visitors of Jurassic World land on Isla Nublar. The dock is located on the western shore of the southern tip of the island.

Ferry Boats[]

JW boat trip

Ferry boats.

Visitors are brought to the island on large ferry boats from the American mainland; possibly Costa Rica. The ferries have two levels. Their colors are in the style of the park. The boats are white with blue lines. The back of the boats features the textless park logo.


Jurassic World jetty

Ferry Landing jetty.[2]

The ferry boats dock one or multiple jetties of the Ferry Landing. On the jetty stands a long line of raised Jurassic World banners, welcoming visitors upon their arrival. The Ferry Landing on located the western shore of the souther tip of the island. Since the ferries come from the east, they will have to boat around the island to land.

A Monorail station is located next to the Ferry Landing. The monorail will transport the visitors to the center of the island.

Jurassic World[]

In the film, the Ferry Dock is the first feature we see to Jurassic World. When Zach Mitchell and his younger brother, Gray, first enter the park and are greeted by Zara Young, Claire Dearing's assistant.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

In the immediate aftermath of the 2015 Isla Nublar incident the Ferry dock is used for a massive and chaotic evacuation of the Island. With limited time those in charge insist on leaving as soon as possible even as Roxie and Dave insist they wait longer for the Camp Cretaceous kids to reach the dock and escape the island. In the event however the kids arrive some minutes to late and are left stranded on the dock and the island (End of the Line). Shortly there after encounters with Dinosaurs force the group to relocate back into the interior of the island (A Beacon of Hope).


The ferry boat in the movie is the Navatek I SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) which operates out of Hawaii.



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