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Firecracker is a baby Brachiosaurus that was created by Mantah Corp that appears in Season 4 and Season 5 of Camp Cretaceous. She was named by Ben.


Firecracker uses the same model as the baby Brachiosaurus from Season 3, but her color is more of a sandy brown instead of the baby and the Nublar variant's gray.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Early life[]

During the 2010s, Mantah Corp managed to steal genetic material from several extinct animal species, including a Brachiosaurus sample taken from Isla Sorna. This sample was used to clone a female Brachiosaurus in April 2016, four months after the Jurassic World incident.

Later life[]

Firecracker spent her days living in a glass cage on Mantah Corp Island until she was named and freed by Ben and the other campers along with the Spinoceratopes Rebel and Angel, It should be noted that his name changes in different languages.

Season 4[]

Technical Difficulties[]

As, Kash sees that the control chips failed on the adult dinosaurs, he decides to use on the infant dinosaurs, even if the chips fry their brains as Kash says. As, the baby Brachiosaurus calls out in her Med Bay nursery room.


As, the baby Brachiosaurus sleeps, Ben enters and grabs a hand of blueberries thinking this will be easy. But, as Ben lays the berries down and wakes up the baby, she acts scared and starts running around, while Ben tries to keep her quiet, she keeps running knocking over everything, including Ben. As Ben tries to give the food to the baby Brachiosaurus, she dodges him and runs around and knocks her apples over. As Ben cleans her mess and says "Bumpy would do anything for a few berries”, the baby Brachiosaurus knocks him down. While, Ben keeps his cool, the Brachiosaurus snuggling and nudging Ben, before he realized she just wants to play. So Ben decides to do her way. As, Ben runs past Yaz, Sammy, and Angel with the Brachiosaurus behind him, he tells the others "Let’s get a move on.", while he continues leading the Brachiosaurus to the Med Bay. As, Ben arrives exhausted, the Brachiosaurus still full of energy knocks Ben onto a box wanting to play more. As she tries to play with Ben, the baby Spinoceratops siblings decide to play with her. The male Spinoceratops knocks her against a box and she begins to run away and he chases her. As they begin running around and playing, the baby Brachiosaurus and the male Spinoceratops accidentally break the fuse box, as the power turns off and babies begin to act scared. Then the campers realize that they freed a Ceratosaurus. As the animal scopes the med bay, Brooklynn warns Ben that the Ceratosaurus is near by him. As Ben tries keeping her close, she hits him in the face, runs out and draws the attention of the Ceratosaurus. Ben and the baby Brachiosaurus begin running with the Ceratosaurus behind them. As Ben and the Brachiosaurus keep running, they eventually lose the Ceratosaurus with it targeting the other campers and babies. As Ben and the Brachiosaurus wait at the exit with Sammy and Angel joining them. Yaz dodges the Ceratosaurus and begins chasing Kenji, Brooklynn, and the male Spinoceratops. As, Yaz, Ben, Sammy, Angel and the baby Brachiosaurus go left, Kenji, Brooklynn, and the male Sinoceratops go right with the Ceratosaurus right behind them, but both groups eventually escape. As Yaz, Sammy, and Ben arrive in the jungle biome with Angel and the baby Brachiosaurus, she begins running around and playing with Ben, while Angel lays down and enjoys her freedom.

Taking Control[]

As, Angel eats the berries in the jungle biome peacefully, she is unaware that she’s being watched and resumes eating. Until the Brachiosaurus jumps out and begins chasing her and then they both play together. She then decides to play with Yaz by knocking her down. As she looks down at Yaz, she smiles. As Ben arrives with food and decides they should head to the cave, the Brachiosaurus tries eating the food, but decides to knock Ben down and resume playing. Then Angel grabs a stick and the Brachiosaurus begins playing tug-of-war with the Brachiosaurus winning and taking the stick. As the Brachiosaurus continues running around and playing, Sammy suggests Ben gives her a name with denying on giving her name, thinking about Bumpy. When Ben to collect more berries, the Brachiosaurus decides to get close to him, but he ignores her and she decides to be with the others. As Ben arrives notices the Brachiosaurus is gone, a BRAD-X is in the jungle biome, she tells Yaz and Sammy to get Angel somewhere safe, while he finds the Brachiosaurus. He follows the Brad and finds the Brachiosaurus playing around, but so does the BRAD-X. The BRAD-X begins running toward the Brachiosaurus, she notices and begins running away. As the BRAD-X is gaining on her, Ben throws a rock to distract it. As she sees she lost the BRAD-X, another cuts her off and then she is surrounded by BRAD-Xs and they take her to Kash. She is scared and Kash has his BRAD-X hold her down. Kash chipped her and had his BRAD-X release and she tries to run away but Kash orders her to stop making her stop in her tracks and unable to move. As she’s still unable to move, she grunts and whines in fear. As Kash tries ordering her jump, lay down and sit, but doesn’t work and she resumes trying to escape. Kash orders to stop, thus freezing her in her tracks again. As, Kash tries to get the Brachiosaurus to follow his commands, Darius walks over to her while she’s unable to move and promises that they’ll get her out of this. As Darius stands by the baby Brachiosaurus, he begins Ben’s plan with luring Kash with Angel. Before Kash chases after Angel, he releases the baby Brachiosaurus and has the BRAD’s take her back to the nursery. Once Kash is trapped, Ben and Darius head to the nursery and release the baby Brachiosaurus. She is happy to see Ben and runs out of her cage, Ben believing she won’t get him again, but she knocks him down again. And Ben apologizes and accepts as his second dinosaur friend. They reunite with everyone, defeating Kash, Ben tells the others he named her "Firecracker" and everyone welcomes her to the Camp Fam.

Who's the Boss?[]

As Darius’s BRAD-X plays Kash’s song, Firecracker along with Mae and the campers are disgusted at hearing that music. But are soon relieved as the music stops. As Firecracker is next to and being pet by Brooklynn, Mae points out that Kash is locked up and is music to her ears, which causes everyone to cheers, this causes Firecracker to be happy by knocking down Kenji and playing with Ben. As Brooklynn and Sammy notice somethings wrong with Angel and Rebel. Yaz points that Firecracker is fine and right at home while she plays with Ben. As the girls take Rebel and Angel to find the right biome. Ben tries feeding Firecracker some berries, but she knocks down Ben and runs toward Mae and eats her leaves. As Firecracker eats the leaves, Mae and Ben decide to take her to the Med Bay and remove the control chip from her brain. As Mae and Ben take Firecracker to the elevator and feed her leaves, they argue on their ways of communicating with dinosaurs. As Firecracker is asleep, Mae begins operating on her and successfully removes the chip. She then wakes and hugs Ben. As Firecracker eats more leaves, Mae and Ben wait for Darius and Kenji to inform them of Kash’s escape but also tells them, the President of Mantah Corp is here, and Pierce being taken to the swamp biome and go to rescue him.

Season 5[]

The Final Test[]

Brooklynn and Darius decide to find out what Daniel Kon is up to and Ben decides to tag along and show the way while bringing Firecracker. Daniel sees that Ben, Darius, Brooklynn and Firecracker are getting to close to the compound and orders Mar to get rid of them. As Mae tries to get the kids to leave, Daniel brings a BRAD-X in to get rid of them, Then Firecracker runs past Mae hitting her in the face and Mae using this by telling the kids to put Firecracker back in the nursery while getting them to leave. As Firecracker runs around, Ben, Brooklynn and Darius to understand why Mae said go to the nursery and realize that’s where Kash is. As they go to the nursery to check on Kash, Firecracker decides to follow them.

The Leap[]

As, Ben and Yaz reach the Jungle Biome with Angel and Rebel and introduce them to Pierce, they start for her and lure her with leaves. As they look, Firecracker runs out the bushes and knocks Ben down happy to see him and eats the leaves. As Yaz begins leading Rebel and Angel to the forest biome, Ben tries leading Firecracker but Pierce joins in, so she decides to stay in the back of the group. As Firecracker stays in the back of the group, Rebel and Angel follow and play, Pierce follows, and Yaz and Ben talk about how she loves Sammy. As Ben and Yaz and notice the dinosaurs together, they see Firecracker isn’t here and go look for her, as they search she through an open door out of the jungle biome. As Yaz and Ben enter the swamp biome talking about Sammy and looking for Firecracker. Firecracker runs and gets behind Ben and Yaz with a couple of Dilophosauruses, they begin running while the predators chase them. As Ben, Yaz and Firecracker continue running, she looks back and sees the Dilophosauruses behind and decides to run faster, as one Dilophosaurus spits at Ben but Yaz rescues him from the shot and find Firecracker in front of of a bunch of tangled roots. As the Dilophosauruses begins spitting out at them, Firecracker goes through the roots while Ben and Yaz go over, as they get to the other side of the roots, the Dilophosauruses are slowed down by the roots and the other use this chance to get away. As Yaz and Ben resume taking the herbivores to the forest biome by using fruit, Firecracker resumes to stay in the back while eating whatever berries Angel, Rebel and Pierce miss. Yaz goes over to Firecracker to get her used to being around the others. As Firecracker and the others arrive in the forest biome they notice the new watering hole made by Sammy. As Darius and Brooklynn arrive, so do Big Eatie and Little Eatie, which causes Firecracker and the others to be scared. As the Eaties begin to charge, afraid of a fight but they stop and start drinking the water, then Pierce joins them, then Rebel and Angel and finally Firecracker joins in, finally warming up to being around the others and begins spending time with Sammy and licking her. At the watering hole, the dinosaurs are drinking together and Rebel and Firecracker are playing.

The Core[]

At the watering hole, Firecracker and Pierce are drinking together, while Ben spends time with Angel and Rebel.

The Last Stand[]

As Daniel Kon enters the forest biome with his controlled dinosaurs to get the password from the campers, the Eatie’s, Pierce, raptors, Rebel, Angel, and Firecracker are peaceful drinking at the watering hole. Firecracker lifts her head up and stomps joyfully as she sees the campers return, while they have to find a new place, besides the cave to hide Firecracker, Rebel and Angel. Yaz and Sammy grab leaves and begin moving Firecracker, Rebel and Angel somewhere safe. As Yaz and Sammy trying to hiding the babies in the bushes, Firecracker wanting to resume drinking with the others. As Big Eatie hears the threat coming, she roars signaling the others, while Rebel, Angel and Firecracker hide in the bushes with Sammy and Yaz, Pierce, the raptors and the campers and Bumpy get ready for battle. As Yaz and Sammy try keeping the babies calm, Rebel tries running away but Yaz retrieves him, with Firecracker escaping and Sammy chasing after her. As Spinosaurus begins fighting Big Eatie with Pierce joining in, Firecracker is in the middle of the fight and decides to run away. Sammy runs over to Firecracker to keep her safe, until the Dimorphodon swoops over and begins attacking them, until Yaz jumps in and holds it off while they escape. Sammy decides to take Firecracker to keep her safe. As they arrive, Sammy leaves Firecracker some food and has her stay in Mae’s old cave, while she rejoins the fight until Daniel Kon enters to talk to Sammy. As Daniel tries getting the password from Sammy, she refuses and knees him and she and Firecracker escape.

The Nublar Six[]

As Mantah Corp Island is safe and Daniel Kon gone, Firecracker along with Pierce, and three raptors join Big Eatie and Little Eatie at the watering hole drinking peacefully.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Firecracker's fate after Mantah Corp Island was discovered and the dinosaurs were taken by the DPW is so far unknown.


Season 4[]

Season 5[]



Firecracker was added to Amblin Entertainment & Universal Studios' 2021 Mini-Collectables pack as part of the dinosaurs (Such as Bumpy, Toro, Chaos, Limbo, Grim, Big Eatie, the Scorpios rex, and Parasaurolophus lux), from Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. She's a "common" collectable, and easy to obtain. She was added in the 2022 update of the pack, but is still credited as "2021".



  • Firecracker became Ben's second dinosaur companion.
  • Firecracker's design adds conflict to the film's canon, as the genetic material that was used in her creation was acquired from Isla Sorna, and the Brachiosaurus that were seen on that island during the events of Jurassic Park III were actually green in color.
  • As she is two months old when she was introduced, Firecracker was created in April 2016, which is four months after the fall of Jurassic World.
  • At the end of the last episode of the fifth and final season of the series, Firecracker is not seen in the group's llama videos, she may have grown since two years had passed.


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