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The Flight Instructor was a helicopter pilot teaching Simon Masrani how to fly.


Jurassic World[]

The flight instructor was riding in the co-pilot's seat of JW001 when Masrani picked Claire Dearing up and flew to Paddock 11. The bumpy ride and rough landing made him physically ill, and he was forced to run and vomit in the bushes. Claire, showing concern, asked Masrani if he was okay, to which Masrani simply replied that the instructor was "just being dramatic." He presumably flew back with them in JW001 after Masrani had finished inspecting the paddock.

Following the escape of Indominus rex and the demise of Commander Hamada and nearly his entire ACU team, Masrani took it upon himself to have a gun fitted to JW001 and pursue I.rex. Vivian Krill, concerned about her boss' piloting skills (or lack thereof), tried to locate the instructor, but failed, telling Masrani he seemed to have gotten caught up in the evacuation of the park. Masrani replied that he could fly the helicopter just fine.

Behind the scenes[]