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Fredrick Bowman was the father of Darius Bowman and Brandon Bowman who had an avid interest in dinosaurs like his younger son.

Fredrick appears in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. His character is voiced by Keston John.


Fredrick is Darius Bowman's father, and is a fellow dinosaur enthusiast. He planned a trip with Darius to Jurassic World sometime in the past, but got sick and died soon after. Before he had passed, he gave his son a Velociraptor tooth necklace, to match the one he got for himself.


Fredrick enjoys dinosaurs just as much as Darius does. He tells Darius that "when things fall apart" we "put them together again".


To Darius in a flashback, "Things Fall Apart".

  • "Hey, come here. We're going to Jurassic World and it's gonna be incredible, not just because of the dinosaurs, because it'll be the two of us, together"
  • "Listen to me. This life, it doesn't always go your way. Things fall apart. But what matters is how you choose to keep moving forward. What matters is that you keep goin' for the people who need you most. That's... that's the promise we make everyday we get. That despite all the hardships... you never give up"
  • Darius: "I... I need you to get better."
    Fredrick: "I'm tryin', son. There's a lot of things we were supposed to do together. So many things"


  • Frederic Bowman’s favorite dinosaur is the Gallimimus.



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