Jess Harding continues to drive but is forced to stop when they encounter Bakhita a young Triceratops blocking the roadway. When Gerry Harding attempts to close the gate he realizes that it is locked and must be manually released from the maintenance shed.

However in order to gain entry to the maintenance shed Gerry needs an access code which Jess finds in a manual in the glovebox. Once the lock is released they must get Bakhita away from her snack. Jess does this by honking the horn and flashing the headlights. When Bakhita moves away from the branch, Gerry is able to toss it into the enclosure. Bakhita follows but moves into the way again as Gerry attempts to close the gate. Jess honks the horn again as a scare tactic but it attracts the attention of Lady Margaret, the alpha-female Triceratops. She is provoked by the horn and suddenly charges through the gate before it is closed and into the jeep causing the horn to jam.