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"I’ve organized a group to go in and document them, to make the most spectacular living fossil record the world has ever seen."
John Hammond(src)


The Gatherers[1] were a group whose primary goal was to study and photograph the cloned fauna on Isla Sorna in order to preserve it from human interference.


Sent by John Hammond to study the dinosaurs, the Gatherers consisted of Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr, Ian Malcolm, and stowaway Kelly Malcolm. They arrived on the Island by the Mar Del Plata. During the expedition the Gatherers used a Fleetwood RV Mobile Lab and two Mercedes. Their sabotage of the InGen Hunters team and fixing the broken leg of the Infant T. rex caused the Isla Sorna Incident and the San Diego Incident.


  1. The group is referred to as "gatherers" on The Making of The Lost World: Jurassic Park book.