The Genetically enhanced Dilophosaurus was a Dilophosaurus genetically engineered by Dr. Gustavus that appeared in the comics Return to Jurassic Park V . It is unknown what was different about this modified Dilophosaur.


This Dilophosaurus was one of the many genetically enhanced dinosaurs that Dr. Gustavus created to achieve the goal of a superior race of dinosaurs by breeding these modified dinosaurs and accelerating their evolution.[1]

It is unknown what happened to this Dilophosaurus.

Behind the scenes


The "Monolophosaurus" from Return to Jurassic Park VI that is most likely the Dilophosaurus.

In one panel of Return to Jurassic Park VI, a dinosaur different from Dilophosaurus appears in its cage. Jurassic Park Legacy identified this dinosaur as Monolophosaurus,[2] but evidence suggests that this is merely just a stylized depiction of the Dilophosaurus, this evidence being that the cage of the dinosaur is located to the right of the Genetically enhanced pterodactyloid just like that of the cage of the Dilophosaurus in the previous issue and dinosaur designs have been known to be inconsistent in the Topps comics, for example in one panel of Return to Jurassic Park VI a Dilophosaurus is shown crestless with a different head, when previously and after this panel it is correctly shown with its v-shaped crest and a head like that seen in the film Jurassic Park.

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