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Dr. George Baselton, a heavyset Stanford professor, was hired by InGen to help keep the Isla Nublar incident a secret. He was later hired by Biosyn.

In The Lost World

A popular face on TV concerning wild scientific theories, Baselton was hired by InGen and able to effectively convince people that InGen's cloned dinosaurs were a myth.[1] Later, he was hired by Biosyn, a company known for its legally dubious practices, to fix their image and considered a celebrity biologist.[2] He was discovered by Levine, when he overheard a telephone conversation between an Unnamed Helicopter Pilot and Baselton, that Baselton was looking for the "island".[3] Baselton accompanied doctors Lewis Dodgson and Howard King to Site B, and planned to later write a report presenting their findings to the world.

As the trio of Dodgson, King, and Baselton went around stealing eggs from nests, they reached the Tyrannosaurus nest. Baselton revealed that he read that a T. rex may have vision that was based around movement, which was his eventual downfall. This controversial theory was produced by John Roxton. He lost his nerve in the rex's nest, prompting Dodgson to try and grab an egg in Baselton's place. This caused Dodgson's sound machine to lose its power as it chord was yanked away. In the resulting silence, Baselton was eaten alive by one of the Tyrannosaurs, starting with his arm. Baselton wore a gold Rolex watch on his arm that got torn off.

In The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Baselton did not appear in the film. Instead, he is replaced by the character of Robert Burke. Like Baselton, Burke was also a scientist who was hired by the rogue team, and he was also eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex.


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