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Godinez was a minor antagonist in the fifth season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. He was a mercenary that was hired by Daniel Kon alongside Hawkes and the twins to capture dinosaurs for Biosyn on Isla Nublar.


Godinez has black hair, wears a grey t-shirt under a Kevlar vest, grey jeans and brown boots. he also wears a black hat.


Not much is known about Godinez's personality, but he proved to be a heartless person as he tried to kill children and did not show any remorse for abusing dinosaurs.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 5[]

"Shaky Ground"[]

Godinez can be seen standing beside Hawkes listening to his conversation with their boss, Daniel Kon.

"Out of the Pack"[]

Godinez goes with Hawkes, Kon, Kenji, Mae Turner, and Lana Molina to meet up with Lewis Dodgson. After Meeting Dodgson the group get into two vehicles to go hunting for specific dinosaurs that Dodgson wants, with Godinez and Hawkes being the Drivers. Traveling through the jungle of Isla Nublar, they come across a herd of Ankylosaurus, Godinez and Hawkes attempt to Tranquilize Bumpy but are forced to stop when Kenji and Mae convince Kon not to chip her. Godinez simply just gets back in the driver's seat. Godinez is not seen for the rest of the episode.

"Clean Break"[]

Godinez and Hawkes load the chipped Limbo into a crate to be taken to Mantah Corp Island. Godinez, with the help of Mae, then feed the Dimorphodon. Later that day, Kon sends Hawkes, Godinez, and The twins to find Mae after she goes rogue. Godinez and Hawkes run into Kenji who successfully gets them to stand down and go back to the boat with him. Godinez and Hawkes are ordered by Kon to go back and continue searching but Kenji convinces his father to just leave without her. Kon agrees with his son and orders Godinez and Hawkes to go to the boat. The group then set sail for Mantah Corp Island.

"The Core"[]

The boat arrives at Mantah Corp Island. Godinez, the twins, and Kenji unload the dinosaurs from the crates.


Mantah Corp go through the tunnels underneath the island, Godinez is handed Kenji's Controller when he is called by his father. Godinez goes with Kon, Hawkes, Kenji to the warehouse to get the chips, not knowing that they were destroyed by the kids. Godinez, Hawkes, and Kon then go to the compound to re-activate the BRAD-Xs to get a flash-drive from one of them to remake the chips but are unable to do so because the kids changed the password to Kon's computer, Godinez and Hawkes are sent to find the kids and also the flash-drive and bring them back to Kon. Godinez and Hawkes watch the kids from afar in both the Swamp and Snow biomes, they follow the kids into the dessert biome and are unknowingly spotted by Sammy, the kids lead the two to the Spinosaurus, in which they run away from it when it starts chasing them. they eventually chip the Spino and try to kill the kids with it. Godinez picks up the Flash-drive after Brooklynn drops it. the pair return to their boss and deliver the flash drive to him only to hear that it is useless without the campers since they changed the password for the computer.

"The Last Stand"[]

Kon, Godinez, and the other mercenaries join together and use their mind-controlled dinosaurs to hunt down the kids, with Godinez controlling Limbo. Godinez and one of the twins split off from the others and encounter Brooklynn, Ben, and Bumpy. the mercs fail to kill the kids who tricked the dinosaurs into running into the biome's wall. Godinez and the twin reunite with the others at some point and arrive at the watering hole. Godinez and the other mercs use their dinosaurs to attack the non-controlled dinosaurs and also the kids. Godinez dodges Kenji's attack and pinnes him down but is then knocked out by Brooklynn, who breaks his controller and frees Limbo from mind-control. Godinez regains consciousness and is chased by the Spinosaurus again along with Hawkes, they get away but run into Ben riding Bumpy, Godinez puts his hand up to stop them. When Kon pulls out his own controller the mercs go beside him and watch their boss use the dinosaurs to fight the T. rexes Big Eatie and Little Eatie.

"The Nublar Six"[]

Godinez is given Kon's controller which is set up to control Toro, Godinez and Hawkes are then ordered to make the kids give up the password. Godinez follows Sammy, Yaz, and Ben into the warehouse and searches for them with a crowbar he picks up. He is forced to leave Toro ouside since the dinosaur is to big to enter the warehouse. Yaz accidently runs into Godinez after the Velociraptors enter the warehouse and he grabs her, but lets go of her when he is approached by one the raptors as he is now a much easier target without any controled dinosaur by his side. The three campers escapes the warehouse, leaving Godinez to his fate while Godinez tries to hold the raptor back with his crowbar until he is knocked to the floor by the raptor which forces him to drop his crowbar, Godinez attempts to grab it again but gets his hand stepped on by the raptor, preventing him from doing anything, the second raptor joins its companion and Godinez is killed.


  • Godinez is the second person in Camp Cretaceous to be killed by Velociraptors, with the first being Kash.
  • After he was killed, when Hawkes reported to Daniel Kon, he said Godinez but the subtitles said Kadinas which has lead to confusion about what his name is. This is most likely an error with the subtitles themselves.
  • Godinez is first seen in episode 5, "Shaky Ground", without his hat. it is unknown whether this was an error or not.