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The Grebnedu was a hybrid created by Dr. Burton during the Halloween Horror Nights Jurassic Park attraction.


The Grebnedu resembles a large snake with a large head, and has massive fins, and a long split-jaw, with a sharp beak above. Below the Grebnedus' small black eyes, are two fish-like chunks of flesh hanging down its face. The snake-like body of the Grebnedu is smooth with spines down its back. The long lower jaw folds up into the Grebnedus’ throat.

Behind the scenes

The model for the park attraction was created by Jim Udenberg for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. The practical effect would jump out of foliage to scare frightened park goers.


  • Udenberg backwards is Grebnedu. 
  • Jim Udenburg claims that its genome is comprised of sea snakes, and other aquatic animals.


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