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Grim was a Baryonyx, and a supporting antagonist in the second season of the animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

Physical Appearance[]

Grim is a Baryonyx of green complexion with red patches surrounding both eyes. She was the only Baryonyx, known to have this coloration.


Grim cared deeply for her packmates Chaos and Limbo, even abandoning a hunt when she heard Chaos and Limbo squabbling with each other.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 2[]

The Art of Chill[]

Grim was one of the Baryonyx kept at Jurassic World, where she formed a close bond with other members of her species Chaos and Limbo. At some point Grim was taken to a medical center on the island, eventually being abandoned there when the Jurassic World Incident forced the island to be abandoned. Within days, Limbo and Chaos broke out of their habitat and searched for Grim, bringing them to the facility as park survivors Brooklynn, Darius Bowman, and Sammy Gutierrez had found the camp. While Chaos attempted to free their sibling, Limbo attacked the humans, who freed a herd of Stegosaurus in defense. The herd confronted Limbo and forced Chaos to back him up. The pair attempted to scare off the herbivores, but were unable to until Darius freed Grim, and together the pack scared off the herd. After this encounter, Sammy dubbed each Baryonyx with their names.

The Watering Hole[]

Some time later, Limbo and Chaos found and investigated a genetics lab whilst Grim foraged outside, finding Brooklynn, Sammy, and Yasmina Fadoula while there. As she prepared to attack them she heard the sounds of Chaos and Limbo squabbling inside the building, causing her to abandon the attack and check on them.


A day later, the pack foraged near a storage shed where Brooklynn, Hap, Kenji Kon, Ben Pincus, and an Ankylosaurus named Bumpy were searching for a vehicle. The group managed to hide from the Baryonyx within the building, until Brooklynn accidentally opened the garage door and alerted the pack. With little options, the group set off an explosion in the building while Brooklynn, Hap, and Kenji rode off on a motorcycle and Ben did the same on Bumpy. After briefly being dazed, the Baryonyx gave pursuit of the motorcycle until Hap jumped off and sacrificed himself in order to distract the pack.

Chaos Theory[]

One night as the pack was sleeping, Grim awoke and slunk off after a noise, leading her to find the poachers Mitch and Tiff. Grim attempted to attack them, but was shot and killed by Tiff. Eventually, Grim’s death was Avenged when Chaos and Limbo managed to catch up to Tiff and jumping onto her Yacht and kills her.


Season 2[]


  • In the episode, "The Art of Chill", Darius Bowman said "we can’t leave her. They’re a family." implying that she’s a female.
  • After Charlie, Grim is the second named dinosaur to be killed by a human.
  • Grim is the fifth named dinosaur to die in Jurassic Park franchise, succeeding The Big One, Charlie, Delta, and Echo respectively.
    • She is currently also the only one to be a Baryonyx instead of a Velociraptor.
  • She is the first one of her siblings who died, the other being her brother, Limbo.
  • A Baryonyx with a color scheme similar to Grim appeared in Jurassic World: Chaos Theory.
    • Ironically, the series shares its name the second season finale, which Grim was killed in.


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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]


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