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Gunnar Eversol is an auctioneer that is featured in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Eversol was portrayed by Toby Jones.

Gunner Eversol talking to Eli Mills about the Indoraptor.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Gunnar Eversol appears in the film. He is the host of an auction in Lockwood Manor to sell the dinosaurs, except Blue. He is an accomplished auctioneer who is unconcerned with morals or ethics regarding what he sells, merely caring about the profits. Indeed, his arrogance nearly makes him call the whole thing off when Eli Mills admits that the dinosaurs he's supposed to be selling have yet to arrive, but he is convinced to stay when Mills shows him a promotional video of the new hybrid. He is shown selling off an Ankylosaurus, a juvenile Allosaurus, a Baryonyx, a Stegosaurus and the Indoraptor to numerous buyers.

Before the Indoraptor can be auctioned off, an escaped Stygimoloch and Owen Grady disrupted the auction, causing panic and Eversol hid as the event was ruined. After witnessing mercenary Ken Wheatley's horrible death by the Indoraptor, Eversol made a break for the elevator while it was distracted. Three terrified auction attendees had already taken refuge in the elevator, one of whom motioned frantically for him to be quiet. Eversol shoved one of them away from the buttons so he could get it working, but this knocked the terrified woman out in front of the cage and caused her to scream in terror at the hybrid, garnering its attention. Eversol barely managed to remember and enter the correct code for the lift as the Indoraptor got out of its cage and charged them, getting there just as the doors shut in the nick of time. Satisfied that they were safe, Eversol turned to the three auction attendees and laughed nervously at the narrow escape. However, they weren't safe for long; the Indoraptor, whether by purpose or accident, breaks the door mechanism with its tail causing the doors to open again. Eversol realised this in time for the Indoraptor to let loose a terrible bellow at him, blowing his hair back, before it proceeded to maul a screaming Eversol and the three auctioneers inside it to death.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Gunnar Eversol was released as a LEGO mini-figure in the Indoraptor Rampage Lockwood Mannor LEGO set for the fifth film.