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"What are you kids doing out here?"

Hansen was one of Eli Mills' mercenaries, he flew in a helicopter with his partner, the pilot, during the retrieval of the Indominus rex bone sample.


He was first seen on the pilots helicopter staring at the six campers who were attempting to leave the island. The pilot landed the helicopter and Hansen told the kids to get inside, but due to the T. rex showing up, only three of the campers got in, and the pilot flew before Hansen and the other campers who couldn't get inside. He yelled at the pilot to come back, but the T. rex showed up behind him, and devoured him. The pilot says his name later to relay his status to the rest of her fellow mercenaries, but still cannot reach them.


He is one of Eli Mills mercenaries. He has his head shaved, with a hat. He has brown boots, and black gloves.