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"You kids... live a good, long life!"

Hap was a supporting character in the second season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. He seemed antagonistic to the group at first and drew suspicion from Brooklynn and Kenji. He later was revealed to be trying to protect the kids from Mitch and Tiff, who intended to leave them on the island if they found out too much. He ended up sacrificing himself to save Brooklynn and Kenji when the trio was attacked by the Baryonyxes Limbo, Chaos, and Grim.


Hap is a Caucasian man somewhere in his late 40s to early 50s, with short buzz-cut hair and noticeable scars, a very visible one across his left brow.


Hap is an imposing and intimidating man, rarely speaking and preferring to get right to the point. This and his secrecy made him initially come off as antagonistic and untrustworthy, and Hap himself admits he's done his fair share of ill deeds. That said, he does have moral fiber and tries to do all he can to ensure the kids are taken to safety off the island, unlike Mitch and Tiffany who wanted to leave them. This extended to him heroically sacrificing himself to allow the kids to get away from the Baryonyxes.




Hap drives a Ceratosaurus away

Hap is first introduced with Mitch and Tiff, where he fires flares at a Ceratosaurus to drive it away from Kenji Kon, Darius Bowman, Brooklynn, Sammy Gutierrez, and Yasmina Fadoula, saving them all. While Mitch and Tiffany introduce themselves as eco-tourists and introduce Hap as a mostly silent but "highly recommended" guide, Hap says nothing at all as everyone arrives at camp. Brooklynn tries to talk to Hap at camp, but his patience quickly shorts out and he angrily says "no more questions", ending the conversation. He also notices her key card, and nearly takes it, but relents and returns it to Brooklynn.

Brooklynn is suspicious of Hap, of which he was immediately aware and reports this to Tiffany and Mitch, although he's observed by Ben Pincus. While reporting, Brooklynn tries to break into his yurt, immediately tripping Hap's alarm and prompting him to detain her and Kenji. Everyone else returns to camp and tries to defuse the situation, but Brooklynn refuses, and once again plans to break into Hap's yurt. However, Hap is wary of this and watches her and Kenji like a hawk. She pretends to fall asleep, so Hap goes to take a call, where he staunchly disagrees with some things that Mitch and Tiffany propose. While this argument happens, Brooklynn and Kenji try to run away, so Hap tries to go after them. However, before he can explain himself, he's knocked out from behind by Ben Pincus.


Fending off the Baryonyx trio

Hap sacrifices himself to save the campers

Hap awakens to find himself tied up. He watches in disdain and contempt as the children settle down, before finally explaining that he's trying to get them to safety, via the boat that's at the docks. While they do decide to verify his claims, they keep him tied up. They find a storage shed with vehicles, just as he said there would be, and leave on a motorcycle in the midst of an explosion to disorient a Baryonyx group. They try to split up to lose the dinosaurs, but they continue to follow Hap, Kenji, and Brooklynn.

Realizing how dire the situation is, Hap has them untie him, which they do. He then fends off the dinosaurs, but it quickly becomes apparent that they cannot escape. Knowing the children's only chance would be to lighten the load on the motorcycle and to distract the predators, Hap yells to them to live a good and long life. The mercenary uses the shock prod to separate the motorcycle and sidecar he was in, falling back to distract the dinosaurs while everyone else flees. Content with sacrificing himself, Hap fended off the Baryonyx trio for as long as he could before being overtaken. A saddened Brooklynn and Kenji realize what had happened, with the former lamenting that Hap had held up his promise to protect them.


  • His general appearance vaguely resembles an older version of Dieter Stark or Cooper, which is fitting as the three men are mercenaries with dubious backgrounds.
  • Due to his voice actor, Angus Sampson, being Australian it is possible that Hap is also Australian.
    • If so, Hap is the first Australian character to appear in any Jurassic media.
  • Hap has survived a variety of dangerous ordeals, as evidenced when he and Ben try to impress and intimidate each other. He's had at least one bite to his arm from an alligator, survived a week of being buried alive in an avalanche of snow, and wrestled a pack of predatory animals, possibly dingoes or saltwater crocodiles.
  • Knowing that Hap wanted to help the children get off the island and bring them home, Mitch and Tiff never realized his betrayal.



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